January 1, 2011

TWO BIRDS IN ONE: get a gift, and see an exhibit

Find your up-to-date ancient scroll with display case at the Museum Shop. The hint is written on a poster near where you land. I repeat it at the bottom of this post for your ease. Pick up some freebies on the freebie counter as well. If you need any help, please feel free to IM, or send a notecard to me: Haveit Neox.

The Museum Shop is just across the garden from the Museum On Cranberry Dock. While on the sim, please take some time to visit the very fine solo exhibit by artist Lilia Artis. Her works combine various media in ode to Bretagne, accompanied by her poetic writings. Lilia's exhibit "Tides of water, tides of light" continues until Jan 15.

HINT: "News flash... An athletic topiary bush is running in the garden toward the Museum Shop, clenching a stolen newspaper in his fist. He’s nearly at the stairs. Catch him! Then click on his newspaper to gain your reward!"

LM to the Museum Shop: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ACC%20Alpha/101/170/29

The Hunt has started ..

OMG, I'm so exited. The Hunt has started and we all have sayed goodbye to 2010. And all people around the world have given a warm welcome to 2011.
And the first news I want to spread out in this blogentry in this year is:

But last night I found out the secret why paco has always seen the images of the huntgifts. He has sent agents to investigate. But, in the world of information, there is always room for a leak ... (hehehe). So this time it is an honor for me, to show you more prices in this entry. All images I present you in this entry are "headparts" ...

The First gift I want to present you is a lovely jewellery set designed by "Styles by Danielle". And ladies, to be true, didn't everyone of you want to have a special jewellery set, like this one ... the first golden record from elvis?
What's The News Huntgift "LP - color-changing set by STYLES BY DANIELLE

What makes a reporter special: The Hat, of course. With this special one from "The Mad Hattery" you have always access to the most important events, and at every Oscar Party the direct call to all the famous actors.
Reporter Hat from The Mad Hattery for "What's The News Hunt"

Diesel Creations Ltd comes with one of the most important second life news from the last year: The death of the famour Emerald Viewer and the Rebirth of The Phoenix Viewer.
With this phoenix styled eyes, this big event on the Second Life was honored with style.
Diesel Creations Ltd. bring out the Phoenix in your eyes at What's the News Hunt

December 31, 2010

Whats The News Hunt - Saris Creation's

HINT: you find object nunt near pose stand
hey guys have gift too..
Happy New Year for all!!!!!!

LnL: What's the News Hunt prize!

Let the Hunt begin!
And we are lifting the curtain a bit and offering you a sneak peek of LnL Square's prize. We hope you enjoy it! Happy Hunting!

Holly’s Market Hall

Here are my gifts, the hunts starts soon so not long to wait now. My inspiration was the need to keep warm with all the snow we have just had. This is my first outfit with sculpties so comments would be welcome.

Holly W-T-N (F)  boxHolly W-T-N (M)  box

I have only made a few clothes for men, for which I apologise. I hope you like them and wish you a Happy New Year

holly Mistwood

December 30, 2010

Hurry Hurry, read all about it

Sitting in front of my machine and think about all the great gifties our lovley merchants have preapred for you ... yes, you - the hunter. Then, Paco came over to me and said: "Hey, Manu ... look this will be the gift from Dust Bunnies."
I was surprised, how has he managed to get the image ... and an image of a new tail ... great, i thought. I want to have it ... Now.
Huntgift from Dust Bunnies for What't the News Hunt

But short before I could teleport out of the What's The News Headquarter he hold me back and said ...
Manu, the hunt starts on January 1, 2011.
So sadly all hunters we have to wait two days so this is just a preview of all the great huntgifts in the hunt.

December 29, 2010

This Thursday. Poetry Gathering

Share your poetry... or read your favorite poet.... or just come to listen!

Poetry Event at ACC Alpha.

Thursday, December 30th @ 10am: Shared Words at the "Paper Tower" of ACC Alpha

In the longest, darkest nights of the year

coming together, coming to the fire, into the light

sharing words like our ancestors did

in those lonely winter eves between the years.

Bring a poem with you

one of your own works or one of your favourite poets

and share it with us in your own mother’s tongue

- either in voice or text –

all languages will be welcome.

Admission is free. In case of any questions please contact Haveit Neox or Lilia Artis.


[kusshon] furniture & interieur - My WTN Hunt gift

Hello dear Hunter,
only some short days - and the WTN Hunt will start. Time to show you my giftie, huh?
This is what i made for you:

A SIDEBOARD SET with drawer (open/close), lamp (light on/off), a folded magazin as prob giver (the first number of the [kusshon] home & garden magazin - "ladylike living" ^^), rug with anims and texture changer. All together a comfty set to read you favorite design magazin or newspaper. 17 prim, all linked, copy.
I hope you enjoy it :).

Beolas Whitfield
[kusshon] furniture & interieur

a few days till the hunt starts

Greetings everyone,
just a few days left before the What's the news Hunt starts. Paco and I get very exited this moment by all the wonderfull gifts the merchants have prepared for this hunt. We're really happy to present you all the first images by tomorrow.
For all the vendors who haven't send us an image of their gift, feel free to do so.
Thanks for all your support.
*kissKiss* Manu and BIGG hugz from Paco