March 11, 2011

Saris Creation's - Pistache

LnL: Timeless Treasures Hunt prize!

The Timeless Treasures Hunt will start tomorrow and LnL has already set the prize out. Here is a photo of the prize -- the top hat in a gothy look with blue gems inside a ring detail plus the dark scarf with silver blades decoration and a matching blue gem (both items resizable). Drop by LnL and click the red "i" for an updated hint. Grab the limo ----> here!

March 9, 2011

Time to become adventurous

Of course Steampunk is really big because of Steam 4, the Hunt. And next to all the brillant gifts you can gain from this hunt the merchants release new outfits to bring you an adventurous look and feel into your second life.
22769 vintage crafted three new Dieselpunkish outfits to accompany the hunt:

The womens outfit Echderka has a sculpted vest and an armprotection with flexi cables. The brocade skirt matches perfectly the silk like body suit with bold black and white patterns.

Sabrina, the second womens outfit, comes with a sculpted skirt and belt with legprims for a realistic look while walking. The shirtlet has also sculpted balloon-sleeves and the leather corset alas the gloves have splendid ornaments and embroidings.

And last but not least an outfit for the gents. Boma is an aviator and comes with breeches, sculpted vest and gloves and with a turtleneck and helmet.

All outfits are available by now at 22769 vintage inworld. Do not wait any longer - get your adventure here.

March 6, 2011

Blaisdale and Co. little black chair

The little black dress isn't the only necessity. Everybody needs a little black chair to match it...


The gifts from Saris Creation's
HINT: money call money, look back shop near lingerie