August 19, 2011

It's all about changing textures at RT Designs!

Only two new items at RT Designs this week, but that's mostly because I've been getting ready for the FOUR hunts that are going to be starting in September.

Just wait, the freebies will be bountiful!

This week I put two of my beanbag chairs for sale. These are pretty special, even though they look innocent enough!

They change colours!

Yup, I've put 6 different colour textures in each of them, so you can choose what you want depending on your mood! One of them is made by a series of pretty awesome grunge textures, and the other one is all about plaid. They look great, they give you choices, and they're only ONE PRIM each!

They have a sitting animation for both men and women, and well, I think they're pretty awesome. But then again, I might not be completely objective about the whole thing, so you'd better stop by and grab them anyway.

They're on sale for only $49L!

The LOW sale has also begun for the week, and I've decided to put one of my newer items on sale for that event this weekend. 

Texture change PersianThe persian texture change rug that I introduced in my very first blog post is now on sale, from today until midnight on Sunday (or is it called midnight on Monday?) for only $60L!

Unbelievable huh?

Yeah, I'm just a really cool dude to offer these things to you for such low prices, aren't I?

 Anyway, that's not all, but the rest is secret. I also have items in my store on sale for only $10L, but you're going to have to stop by the store to find out what they are! So, stop by RT Designs! Bring a friend! Bring your pets! I'll keep the ginger ale nice and cold for you!

August 14, 2011

Two NEW releases at ORQUIDEA! Bikini and mix and match tops and jeans.

There is still a lot of summer left and Orquidea is ready for the heat! This first release is a bikini...lingerie...a club top...whatever you want to make of it really. It's just fun and full of color.

The second release is a set of mix and match jeans and tops using vintage fabrics.
These tops include a sculpty shoulder bow and sculpted bottom, but the shirt can easily be worn without these additions.