May 4, 2012

22769 @ Culture Shock

Today CULTURE SHOCK starts at 4pm SLT and runs til May 26th. It definitely is THE event to be for this month since so many fabulous designer show new releases there first. Above picture is a new release from 22769 ~ casual couture - a mesh turban called "The Badu" in 4 different colors. But 22769 not only have this item as a new release - look at the goodness you can find in their booth:
Lots of new stuff - mostly mesh - to find there in appealing cultural patterns and colors. Of course the rigged mesh items come in standard sizes.
Each vendor provides at least one donation item for Medicins Sans Fronieres (Doctors without borders). The donation item from 22769 is this cute tube dress 60ies style:
So lots of reasons to make some room in you schedule and have a visit at CULTURE SHOCK. Here is your cab.