March 19, 2011


He is back: The guy in shades. And he brings deals and steals for the lads. The 49L$ Sale for Dudes started 18th March and runs til 25th March. So it is time to rob your piggybanks again, guys.
22769 ~ casual couture provides again two outfits for 49 linden each. First there is the open baggies outfit with tank and smileys bulk, and second the dropped pants outfit with hoodie around the hips and boxers with bulk.
Your cab to 22769 ~ casual couture is here.
A complete list of participating designers can be found here.

March 18, 2011

Help helping people

As you are most likely aware of the PACIFIC CRISIS FUNDRAISING is a fairground to collect money for the victims of the eartquake and the devastating tsunami in Japan. And each share helps a lot indeed.
Many designers donated special releases for the PCF (or in other words - they donate the purchases) - so if you fancy some shopping - the PCF Fairground is the place to be.
Above shown outfits are the contribution of 22769 ~ casual couture. The outfits "Rator" and "Ledao" - both steampunkish outfits with an asian flavour (210 L$ each). 100% of the purchase go directly to PCF.

The Taxi to the PCF-Fairground is here. Obviously the PCF sim is quite full - but all merchants participating have the donated outfits also in their stores.
So if you fancy one of the above shown outfits - and you can not make it to the Fairground - you can hop to 22769 ~ casual couture to make your purchase or a donation there. Here is your taxi to the store.

March 15, 2011

Monochromatic Spring

22769 ~ casual couture have released - like on every 15th of the month - their new groupgift. This time the package contains the white linnen comfi spring shirt and also some black leather trousers. Groupmembers can receive the gift by slapping the "groupgift"-button at the entrance of 22769 with activated group-tag. Your taxi to 22769 ~ casual couture is here.