November 23, 2013

Put some Music in your Second Life

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD starts today and today only - so we made something special for you to bring some music in your second life: The Stage is a raftwith microphone and loudspeaker and it is perfect for singer/songwriter and small bands. And what is a stage without audience? Also in the pack you will find an Audience Rowboat with single- and coupleanimations and the buoy with a single animation. Since all items are copy you can rez as much as you need. And if you feel like dancing to the music we also have a small pier as platform for the hottest moves - or to rez some additional chairs and sofas for people watching the concert.

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD is a saturday only event - so you will be able to get TODAY the complete set for 200 L$. Tomorrow it will become priced up to its regular price again - so better hurry up...

In case you want to see the stage in action: Tomorrow, Sunday 23rd November at 7 am the singer/songwriter Kristopher Walpole is giving an exclusive concert at the 22769 sim. Come as you are!