January 15, 2011

22769 groupgift - A ying, a yang and a sprinkle of camouflage

Greetings fashionable people out there,
today it's the 15th January - and like on every 15th of the month 22769 ~ casual couture releases a new groupgift - wahey! This months unisex outfit contains a yingyang shirt and some camouflaged denims with sculpted cuffs. Just the right outfit to go clubbing or hanging around with friends. Also - for mixing and matching purposes - the tee comes (of course) in all layers.

Our groupmembers will receive the monthly groupgift via notification (if you have not received it yet check stored messages in group). And if you know someone who likes the outfit also - they can join the group at any time and slap the groupgift button at the entrance with activated 22769 ANB-tag to receive the gift.
Here is your cab. :-)

January 14, 2011

Saris Creation's - Tahiti

Back to the ...

Fiftys :)
Greetings everyone,
today I want to take you on a timetravel, back to the fifties. And with two huntitems you'll be part of this great area in time.
Huntitem (women) from Orquidea for What's The News Hunt
First I want to show you the female huntgift from Orquidea. (and guys, don't you think this great Pin Up Image is worth all the searching). I've get some informations that Orquidea has also hidden a male gift. (But as mentioned before: This great Pin Up is gift enough ^^)

But, lets bring some fiftys flair into your house with this great furniture set from FIN for What's The News. Needless to say, that I can't find best words to describe as the creator did in his blogpost here. So I'll just show you the image
Huntgift from FIN for What's The News Hunt
That was our lil trip back to fifties. Hope you enjoyed it and see you on the hunt.


January 13, 2011

Last Chance

The current Collection at the Couturiers Loft will be changing on Saturday / Sunday so this is your last Chance to get these Deals

as usual everything between 50 and 100 L$.

Saris Creation's - Darkness

New release at mainstore

January 12, 2011

Ilaya @ The Couturiers Loft

Frame Prop with 10 Poses by Ilaya, available at The Couturiers Loft for only 75 L$
 (only 2 days still available in The Couturiers Loft)

Rattenscharf @ The Couturiers Loft

Outfit:   *Rattenscharf* Clubing Beauty – black
currently available at the Couturiers Loft at discounted Price (99 L$) (only 2 days still available in The Couturiers Loft)
Earrings: Groupgift at Womens Dreamy Bodyshop
Skin: Womens Dreamy Bodyshop
Hair: Truth
Tattoo (not incl.) Garden of Ku

January 11, 2011

New Café

A date such as 1 11 11 brings out the creative impulse in me. I wanted to have my new Paperback Pixels café up and running for guests at What’s The News Hunt by today - and I did! The first discussion group held on my sim was high in the sky, now I am bringing it down to earth... quite literally, as most of the build tunnels into a hillside, joining the cliffside village to the subterranean library. Enjoy coffee, snacks and drinks. If you are interested in such discussions as poetry or the visual arts, please let me know and I’ll keep you posted.

To visit the Paperback Pixels café, check ACC café. It’s in my picks (Haveit Neox). And remember to pick up your free gift for the What’s The New Hunt at the Museum Shop on my sim. Happy 11th !

Saris Creation's - Anahita

January 10, 2011

LnL: New Release - Outift-51!

LnL is happy to show you the latest release! Outfit 51 is a very elegant outfit in black and a few hints of red. Its texture makes it look like a tuxedo with a classy twist. It brings a top (worn as a shirt), pants (mod) and gloves. Also a coat bottom and a collar adjusted to the female/male avatar and resizable. We hope you enjoy it! Hugs from LnL :)

To go to LnL's Store click --> here!

Reading 'bout the Hunt

Paco and I having a lot of Fun reading all the Blogposts about the Hunt

Yesterday, Paco and I had made a lil freetime and a lot of fun while we read all the great Blogpost around the net about the great gifts in the What's The News Hunt.
Want to have a look for yourself, check out all of this links

Big List, but Paco and I were sure, there are a lot of great blogposts around we didn't find til now. So please, if you read about the hunt, send us the link so that we spread the word of the entries to all readers.
And to all the Bloggers: a really biiiig Thank you for your great posts.
Thanks and *kissKiss*

January 9, 2011

*GDU* German Designers United – The Black Effect

*German Designers United* has a new project, The Black Effect.



 10-30 January 2011 all items 44-99L$

The location is unique!!!

**GDU**WDB Jayne Black Hoops
WDB Jayne Black Hoops (55 L$)

*GDU*WDB Jayne Black/Pink Hoops
  WDB Black/Pink Hoops (55 L$) 

Get your News in Vintage style

Today I felt like a real newsboy!
I have worked the whole day in the corners of the streets in this fantastic vintage like Newsstand created by Daallinii's Creations. And ya know what ... in the latest issue of "Notecard" I read all the fantastic news from all around the grid. Sadly all "Notecards" are sold out by now. But a lot of great magazines and newspapers you can get from my nice colleque working on that great crafted and in every 'lil Detail designed Newsstand.
That you can identify the Newsstand if you come closer, here is a lil hint for you all:
"A newspaper in a Medieval enviroment? ...How odd!"

Vintage Like Newsstand for What's The News Hunt, comes to you from Daallinii's Creations