March 31, 2012

Want to switch your style in seconds?

22769 ~ casual couture opened the Accessory Department with the release of this neat clutch bags. They come in many different styles for just 80L$ each.
Next to them you find the flat clutch bags.
With this neat piece of mesh accessory you can switch your stlye from casual to elegant (and backwards of course) within seconds.
These items are also available on the SL-Marketplace.

March 29, 2012

LnL: Discussion Thursday at 2pm SLT!

Mentors in SL. The role, the problems they face and their future. Are mentors needed in a virtual world? These are some of the things we will talk about so do join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Discussion Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! As usual, your moderator will be London Junkers!

March 28, 2012

StarChild's NEW 2012 collection released! Check out the pics!

StarChild Designs have been busy little beavers these last few months. We've been frantically preparing all our new vintage and burlesque outfits for 2012, to launch in conjunction with Men's Fashion Week 2012. Boy oh boy, was it worth the wait though! Dozens of new outfits, of highest quality and using the latest techniques and tricks in SL are now released, offering a new level of realism and fun to your clothing never before achieved.

We got rave reviews at our fashion show launch this week (check out this link to see the pics from the show), and already the outfits are walking out our store doors at the Mens Fashion Week SIM.

StarChild Designs Fashion Show 2012

There are still a few days left to grab our latest releases at an introductory special price of just $100, but hurry! This offer only lasts till the weekend! Link to the SIM here

Go to Mens Fashion Week SIM (and StarChild Store)

March 26, 2012

New Releases at LnL Square!

LnL G41-O74 is a unisex outfit inspired on Sweeney Todd, the fictional character who was a barber (depicted for the first time in a story dating back to 1846 and more recently in a Tim Burton's film). This outfit has a leathery blueish tone on the top (worn as a shirt), a gray on black stripe motiv on the pants (mod) and a knit pattern on the fingerless gloves. It also includes a coat bottom for the female avatar and one for the male avatar, plus a sculpted collar and a buckled belt with a knife (all accessories are resizable for a perfect fit).

Outfit O-67 is a unisex outfit inspired on a dragon. Its vivid reds and oranges depict the texture of a dragon's body with an eye motiv in the neck and belt areas. This outfit includes a top (worn as a shirt), pants (mod) and gloves. It is completed by a coat bottom for the female avatar and for the male avatar, plus a sculpted collar (all elements resizable).
To visit the store, click --> here.