February 19, 2011

Welcome to the Locker Room

Lads, have you heard about the Locker Room? No - not the one in your highschool with soaking wet towels lying on the floor and forgotten stinking socks in the wardrobe. We are talking bout the SL Locker Room.
It is a fairground for menswear designers in Second Life with changing exhibitions every 2 weeks. Every designer can sell one to two items for the snip of 100 L$ maximum. And the list of designers indeed is impressive: SF Designs, JUICE, Shiki, subversion, Somapop, [hate this], 22769 ~ casual couture to name just a few.

22769 ~ casual coutures contribution is the sculpted college knit vest, completed with the true blue denims and the basic tank for 100 L$. It is a college style casual everyday look - matching for nearly every occasion.
But not enough: the "digit store" has yet another outfit in the current round.

This outfit contains a dark turqouise hoodie with sculpted bottom prim, hood and cuffs and some denim capris with sculpted belt (all together only 80 L$).
So - there are many reasons to visit the Locker Room. And finally something like that is established for the guys (and the girls who fancy some unisex clothing ;-) ).
Your cab to the Locker Room is here.

February 18, 2011

BeautyCode @ The Couturiers Loft

.::BeautyCode::. Samantha Purple Dream (90 L$)

The Couturiers Loft has a new Collection out for you. This also will be our last Collection. The Loft will close Doors at the 26. February. So take your Chance to get these Goodies, as always everythings between 50 L and 100 L

February 17, 2011

Saris Creation's - Hiulén

New release, you may also buy the bracelet in separately

February 14, 2011

Spring coming closer

Let's be honest: We all can not wait til the last ice is melted, flowers start to bloom and warm sunbeams finally touch our skins again. This sweet dress rosee from 22769 ~ casual couture is just made for this. It has a country vibe with all the ruffles and laces but also a retro twist with the polkadots. The playful tull and the way cute ribbon is just the icing of the cake. The skirt, cuffs, bows and ribbons are all sculpted - and the skirt, of course, comes with fitting leg prims.
The dress rosee is the contribution of 22769 ~ casual couture to the Couturiers Loft - and like always it only costs 100 L$. Since this is the last round of the Couturiers Loft better hurry up soon to get this dreamy piece of silk. Your cab is here.

LnL's NEW Release - O-52!!!!!

Outfit 52 is absolutely fantastic! In deep royal tones of purple with a wintery touch, it brings pants (mod), a top and gloves. Adding to that, it offers a coat bottom, a collar and a dagger armband with three gemstones worn on the left upper arm, all resizable and adjusted to the female and male avatar. It is an impressive unisex look with the top quality of LnL!

To go to the store click --> Here!

February 13, 2011

NEW at FIN *Relive the Fifties*

Vintage Cigarette Girl with animated Hawkers Tray!
Nice Costume for RP or your next CostumeParty !
Fabrics comes with a nice Spakling Effect !
Check out at the FIN *Relive the fifties* Mainstore !

Saris Creation's - ELLE

ORQUIDEA sheer Valentine Lingerie

ORQUIDEA Sheer Lingerie - TRANSFER 199L

ORQUIDEA is bringing it on hot and heavy with a Valentine lingerie release! Your inner seductress is just a click away with this high quality bra, panty and stockings set with mesh detailing. Transferable so it makes a great gift!

Need a gift bag? Got you covered there too.

Come for the original designs, stay for the hot beer and stale food!