April 20, 2013

22769 @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Somehow we see our roots of crafting clothing in the casual drawer and this is why we never thought about attending the Fantasy Faire of SL. Manuel and myself had a chat on our famous couch some time in February talking about events and somehow the Fantasy Faire came up. And we gave our creations we did til then a closer look. Like i.e. the items we create for L'Accessoire.

The Guard Jacket and Pants and the Leader Jacket and Pants are available at Fantasy Faire 2013 from 22769

You can say it is avantgarde, quirky fashion, accessory or name/label it however you like. On the other hand it is fantasy.

at Fantasy Faire 2013 you find the Brocade Coat and the matching Brocade Pants from 22769

In SL the boarders are kind of blurry and if you are brave enough to walk through them you might find an unexpected country. And this is exactly what we did. So we applied for the Fantasy Faire and became accepted and did - well - what we always do: created mesh fashion with a smile and also built some 22769 ~ [bauwerk] things that are fantasy, but also very much us.

the Queensdress and the Pointy Elven Ears can be found at Fantasy Faire 2013 from 22769

And we are proud to present our creations now on Lumenaria on the Fantasy Faire (February 20th - 28th). Hope to see you there.

from 22769 you find at Fantasy Faire 2013 the Techno Magican in four colors

Please find the following items displayed at Fantasy Faire 2013:
  • The Leader (Jacket 160L$) and Pants (110L$) both available in four colors
  • The Techno Magican (four colors - 220L$ each)
  • The Queensdress (four colors - 160L$ each)
  • Leather Brocrade Coat (four colors - 180L$ each) and Brocade Pants (four colors - 110L$ each)
  • The Guard (Jacket four colors - 140L$) and Pants (four colors - 120L$ each)
  • The Bone Crown (available in five hair color sets - 160L$ each)
  • The Diktator Jacket and Pants (four colors - 140L$ each)
  • Pointy Elven Ears (140L$)
  • Young Elven Ears (140L$)

As Donation Items for Relay for Live (RFL) are out at the Fantasy Faire 2013:
The Royal Skybox availabe at Fantasy Faire 2013

Under the Milky Way Pavillion available at Fantasy Faire 2013
Unisex item, the Royal Crown available at Fantasy Faire 2013

Special 10L$ item you find in our booth at Fantasy Faire 2013:
only availble on Fantasy Faire 2013 from 22769