November 12, 2011

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away...

Please fasten your seatbelts as we are approaching the Vintage Fair in a few minutes.
The Vintage Fair is definitely the place to be at the moment (if you have a chance to teleport to the sims - of course). 200 brands provide you with everything you need for that certain retro feling. You find skins, shapes, hair, furniture and of course clothing galore at this place. 22769 ~ casual couture have as special release the "flight girls" in blue and yellow with bag, hat and shoes. Both uniforms are original Lufthansa-Stewardess-Uniforms from the 50ies and you can get them for 70 L$ each. So better have your boarding ticket ready to check in at the Vintage Fair.

Skin: Sorry:Asia: Alana Vintage Avatar
Hair: !lamb: Bob
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture: Flight Girl Blue

Skin: [a.e.meth]: Nova Skin
Hair: :Kc: Hair: Sweetie-Platinum
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture: Flight Girl Yellow

ORQUIDEA @ The Vintage Fair

ORQUIDEA is taking part in the Vintage Fair, running from November 11th to December 3rd 2011. This event is HUGE with over 200 shops.

ORQUIDEA is offering 2 new items for the fair...

Carolina Dresses in Brown/Green and also Red (not pictured) for 50L (regularly 165L)

And the Rock Me series of dresses (Blue shown below at special price of 50L)

With such a popular event, lag will most likely be an inevitable problem, but fear not! I found this link to a great blog that shows a little of what each shop is offering. It will save you a lot of camming if you decide to go. :)

November - the month for the lads

November truly is the month for mens fashion. Not only the Menstuff Hunt 3 kicked off yesterday with a bang - there is also a new kid in town called Mens.Select - something like the Dressing Room just for men. 14 designers (like Brocade Tiger, Shiki, 22769, Delirium Style, Lash Ware, Loordes of London and many more) offer for 14 days special deals on selected items. I am wearing the Fur Parka Hoodie Blue from 22769 ~ casual couture in this picture - normally 200 L$, but available at Mens.Select for just 99 bucks. A true steal!
So get your cab here to the smoking room of Mens.Select - who said shopping events are only for girls? ;-)

November 11, 2011

Menstuff hits the road for the third time...

Today the Menstuff Hunt 3 starts and this time it runs even 6 weeks - so there is enough time for everyone to visit all the shops in this biggy. And as you already know the merchants provided high quality gifts again. This outfit comes from 22769 ~ casual couture and contains the superflare denims, the tanktop and the just so comfi silk scarf with fringes. The scarf comes with a resizer and is way easy to fit (and rather unisex).
I spiced up the look with the new Ramses Skin from {.essences.} available on the Vintage Fair, the Paper Tiger hair from [Shag] and the mesh vasp-sneakers from :KM:

Skin: {.essences.} Vintage Fair Exclusive Ramses Skin 800 L$
Hair: [Shag] Paper Tiger 250 L$
Sneakers: KMotion Vasp Shoes (Marketplace)
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture (Menstuff3 Huntgift) 0 L$
Pose: Es' cusi "Model Man" - Item for Mens Select 7 L$

November 10, 2011

New at Creations

Are you all set for the holidays? One stop and you can have a full holiday dinner for your SL guests. Comes with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce. Both red and white wines to accompany it. Table and chairs, along with placemats for either Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mix and match items to suite your prim needs. More holiday things coming soon, along with all your home decor needs.
Come see us at Creations...........

LnL: Today at 2pm SLT, discussion!

Me. Myself, my avie and I!! For many people Second Life creates an alternative reality, but is that reality creating a false sense of fulfilment and accomplishment? Are we becoming our avatar, reducing our life to a set of irreal experiences and choosing a dreamlike world over our RL world? Are we real or are we avies? Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Join us! :) -- London Junkers (Moderator)