November 12, 2011

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away...

Please fasten your seatbelts as we are approaching the Vintage Fair in a few minutes.
The Vintage Fair is definitely the place to be at the moment (if you have a chance to teleport to the sims - of course). 200 brands provide you with everything you need for that certain retro feling. You find skins, shapes, hair, furniture and of course clothing galore at this place. 22769 ~ casual couture have as special release the "flight girls" in blue and yellow with bag, hat and shoes. Both uniforms are original Lufthansa-Stewardess-Uniforms from the 50ies and you can get them for 70 L$ each. So better have your boarding ticket ready to check in at the Vintage Fair.

Skin: Sorry:Asia: Alana Vintage Avatar
Hair: !lamb: Bob
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture: Flight Girl Blue

Skin: [a.e.meth]: Nova Skin
Hair: :Kc: Hair: Sweetie-Platinum
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture: Flight Girl Yellow