June 14, 2013

Coffee in the Atelier

22769 ~[bauwerk] and Diesel Works presents the Coffee Bench at the June round of The Atelier Kreslo
22769 ~ [bauwerk] takes part in a very special event: The Atelier Kreslo. And the idea behind that is wonderful and just lovely: Each creator becomes teamed up with a pose maker to make a unique piece of furniture for the Atelier Kreslo that is only available for one month and in the Atelier Kreslo. So it is about sharing ideas and combining skills - and this is exactly what we do love about secondlife. So no doubt that we are way excited about it.
For the June round of the Atelier Kreslo, that begins today and runs 4 weeks, we have been very lucky to get Rogan Diesel from Diesel Works as pose partner and together we crafted this neat coffee bench with 5 single and 2 couple poses. The bench is available in many different styles and every purchase of the bench includes a plain version of the bench and also a version with the blanket and the pillows.
So get your blend together and hop over to the Atelier Kreslo - which is also a very cute and lovely enviroment.