September 17, 2011

Pride - one of the "7 Deadly Sins"

No, this isn't about a new series of something that I'm making, then calling it the "Seven Deadly Sins" series. That sounds like a good idea on paper, but when you look around a bit, you see that everyone's done it.

On Second Life, I've seen series of women's clothes named after the sins, men's tattoos... in RL I've seen ice cream named after the sins, and even a series of gay porn movies. Damn good movies too.

White Grand piano But no, this isn't about my products. Not directly anyway. The pride I'm talking about, well... it's my own. Yes, boys and girls, I am a sinner. But we all know, sinners are winners, right? I made this grand piano this week. That was the first moment where I felt pride. I know, I'm supposed to be humble and all that humbug, but I worked really hard on this piano, and gosh darnit (spoken like a true sinner, eh?) I'm proud of it!

 It's low prim, meaning that the piano itself is 9 prims, and the piano bench 4 prims. It's pretty, meaning, well, look for yourself. Sit on the bench and you look like you're really playing the piano. Yeah, the animation is pretty cool and will have you feeling like a professional pianist in no time.

 The best part of this? Click the piano itself and you get a menu. You can actually play four different songs on this piano, meaning... well just imagine the possibilities!

 Oh yeah, one more thing I was kinda proud about this week. I was chosen to be a spotlight designer in the LOW group. Pretty awesome, if you ask me - and if it brings me more sales or not, no matter. My ego loves being a spotlight designer!

 Other than that, 2 new hunts have begun, which means that I have 4 items for sale in my store for either $0L or $1L, each item cooler than the next!

 So come check it out, at RT Designs. You bring your wallet, I'll keep the iced tea all cold for you!

LnL: The prize for the Disco Hunt!

Yay!! The Disco Hunt is on!!!
LnL has prepared these prizes for you!

A fantastic long sleeved unisex TShirt with a colourful Disco look and a fun detail ;), plus a belt (resizable) and pants to go with the TShirt (mod)! Click the red "i" (hint giver) for an updated hint and have fun! To go to LnL, click --> here!

September 16, 2011

Make it work!

Too much Icecream and BBQ's in summer? The guys from 22769 ~ casual couture help you get back in shape again. Their newest groupgift (released 15th September) is a neat work out outfit containing a tank and some red training pants. But not enough - they also give away a small gym with poses for push ups, sit ups weight lifting and tai chi. So there is no excuse anymore - either get the groupgift at 22769 - or buy a new shape ;-)
Here is your cab.

September 14, 2011


It is the 15th September 2001, 0:00 am and the DISCO HUNT just kicked off. So what can you expect from this one? Think about Studio 54, Saturday Night Fever, Gloria Gaynor, The Village People, The Troggs and many many more and you get a picture. Superflare jumpsuits, plateau boots, Staying Alive poses, ballchairs and many fun stuff more. This hunt is truly dedicated to the golden Disco Times where there have been no "clubs" or even "underground" - where everything you danced to was plain Disco. And check out the hintpage if you stuck somewhere.
Oh and by the way: The hunt is a Loop - so you can start at any shop in the hunt - when you come back you made it \o/
So happy hunting Disco Queens and Kings ^^

September 13, 2011

FIN *Relive the fifties* HUINT GIFT

Here is a Preview of the FIN *Relive the Fifties* WTN Hunt Gift!

September 12, 2011

New goodies

There's a beautiful sunset this evening, why not take your loved one by the hand and suprise them with a lovely picnic? A nice soft blanket comes with two pillows set with several poses each. Tucked in the picnic basket is a bottle of bubbly to enjoy while you snack on bread, cheese, fruit and cookies. A great find for the romantic ones out there.

September 11, 2011

Meshes for you

Mesh is for sure the newest thing in SL. And even if it is not the revolution that makes all other clothing unnecessary or outdated it is a nice addition to your wardrobe. By today 22769 ~ casual couture have released the first items of their mesh collection: dresses for the ladies and pants and turtlenecks for the gentlemen.
Like with all mesh clothing items that are rigged to the avatar it is highly recommended to test the demo-version first to check if the item fits your needs and looks.
Your cab to 22769 ~ casual couture is here.