August 15, 2012

22769 new releases and new huntgift

Greetings everyone,

hope ya all have your huntingshoes on. 22769 ~ casual couture takes part in the Swimming Pool Blue Hunt. In this 5L$ HUnt, you can find this gift hidden in the Flagshipstore.
rigged mesh Slim Cut Pants for the Girls (5L$ Hunt) hidden at 22769 ~ casual couture

But, if you visit the Flagshipstore, you find new releases for teh Girls and the Guys also there. Here are the latest releases (out now)

22769 ~ [homme] Silk Flare Trousers (different colors available | 130L$ each)
22769 ~ [femme] Slim Cut Leather Pants (different colors available | 130L$ each)
Demos for the new releases are available at the Vendors.
Happy Wednesday everyone