January 28, 2011

Hunt gifts and beyond...

The hunt is nearing its end... are you really prepared to miss out on the camel tours at ACC Alpha??? The sim has a lot more to offer in addition to hunt prizes and freebies. In December, there was a major parade of builders, and there are always exhibitions of SL artists at the Museum. Parcheesi, Chess, Tennis, Horseback riding, and many other activities are all free, just awaiting a click from your mouse. And, if you happen to be a pretty good builder, you may even want to inquire about participating in future events at ACC. Just click on my profile, go to PICKS, and see the list of things to see and do. If you want to contact me, please send a notecard to Haveit Neox:) Well, may I throw one more piece of show and tell news to you... The picture above is a new texture for the facade of the Steam Punquity House on the ACC Alpha sim. It is deconstructive in nature, going from a solid wall on the right, then bleeding into a floating pencil drawing over transparency by the time you reach the left. The building has undergone several remodels in past months, this most recent one having the most abstract qualities. To entice the visitor, there are also a couple freebies to be had. Enjoy the last couple days of the hunt!

The hunt prize for w-t-n is at the Museum Shop. Just click my profile, and hit ACC Shop.

Haveit Neox

Saris Creation's - PomPom Fat Pack

you may also purchase the colors separately

January 23, 2011

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