September 28, 2012

LnL: New Victorian Outfit Released!

LnL O-82 is a classic complete unisex suit in tones of teal. The top is a white shirt and tie, a vest with a pocket watch chain detail, and a jacket (all worn as a shirt). It also brings pants matching the top part of the outfit, gloves and a coat bottom for the female and for the male avatar. This outfit is completed by a pipe and a black bowl hat. All accessories are resizable. To go to the store, click --> here!

September 23, 2012

The 49 L$ Sale for Dudes is back!

All the sales are just for the girls and men are left out again? Well - not anymore because the 49 L$ Sale for Dudes is back and it just has started. The guys from 22769 ~ casual couture prepared a preppy mesh polo shirt (male mesh standard sizing) that will be offered one week for 49 L$ in their Flagshipstore. The shirt is available in 4 different colors. And here is your cab.
The whole list of participating merchants can be found here.