August 5, 2013

22769 ~ [bauwerk] moved ...

but just a few meters.
Today is a big day, finally 22769 ~ [bauwerk]  has moved to their own sim. From today on, you will see, that Wooden Bay is docked to the 22769 Sim. So I recommend to jump over and grab the new landmark.

Oh, and to give you two more reasons, there are gifts waiting for you. Well, one is easy to find. We offer you for a limited time the Stone Latern for free. The Lamp is mesh and comes with a light script. LI 2 / 1 Prim and as usual the perms are copy, modify, no-transfer.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stone Latern, free for a limited time at the new 22769 ~[bauwerk]

Alos we have huntgift hidden at the new location, for the fresh started HOMEstuff Hunt, you find the following item hidden.

hidden at 22769 ~ [bauwerk] for the fresh started HOMEstuff Hunt