December 20, 2014

Last Minute Gifts from ~Lantian/Flox~

Dear ~L/Fx~ Friends,

Yes, it's Yule and Christmas (finally) and the rest for last-minute gifts is upon us.  Need an idea?  Or need some stress relief?  We have you covered. ;-)
In this Issue:

* New Products - Bauble Lights & Smashable Presents

* Adult Toys! - ~L/Fx~ is partnering with Sheva's Sex Shop: secondlife:///app/group/725c4886-16b0-7411-1eab-13db84d756ae/about .

New Products

Bauble Lights - 100% mesh, beautiful translucent glass and gold.  These beautiful items actually look real!  (View with Advanced Lighting for best effect.)  They seem like ornaments but can be used year round.  Click off/on/on-with-particles to produce a beautiful golden light.

Gold -
 Red -

 Purple -
Green -
Blue -

Smashable Presents!

Holiday has you stressed out?  Smash some presents to relieve the tension!


100% mesh (cluster of presents = 1LI):

Last But Not Least....

A word for the adults!  Coming in 2015, we will be partnering with ~Sheva's Sex Shop~ to bring you top-quality adult toys and furniture.  Please come by our Adult Location in Schazm to see what's on offer; right now we have a naughty candy cane and a dance-cage with 8 top-grade dances in it.  No freebie animations here!  Only the best for you, our customers.

~Lantian/Flox~ Adult Shop -

You can also join the Sheva's Sex Shop group in SL, to keep informed.