October 21, 2011

October 17, 2011


50% Off all Halloween Items, Decorations, Skins and Shapes, Statues and Animated Furns!Halloween is coming up fast! Time to spook up your Land!

Autumn at the Gallery

This weekend the 4th cycle of the Gallery Gift Shop opened the doors to the public. It is the place to be for art, outfits and just the neatest stuff around the grid. And even if you are not in a shopping mood - the place is always worth a visit since the organiser always alters things at the Gallery in a very cute and tasteful way.
22769 ~ casual couture offer - as usual - an outfit for men and women. This time they went with an autumn theme. The gentlemens offer is a fur hoodie jacket in dark gren, a dark turtleneck and some black denims 50ies style. For the ladies is waiting a brons cozy dufflecoat jacket, a mint turtleneck and also some black denims (womens fit). Both outfits are first releases at the Gallery Gift Shop and also a steal since the outfits are 190 L$ each. If you want to become prepared for fall - this is the best way.
Your cab to the Gallery Gift Shop is here.

October 16, 2011

ORQUIDEA has a fun vintage dress out and YOU get to choose the price! Just right click on the vendor, choose pay and select an amount.

This is an adorable polka dot dress just perfect for the halloween season or anytime really.