July 22, 2011

Lnl: Second Release today in the Gothic Collection!

LnL G30-O137 is a black and red outfit with absolutely fantastic details on the top (worn as a shirt), buttoned, with a black lapel over a red background and a white laced jabot adorned with a silver cross, also a detailed cobweb design visible on the back. The pants (mod) are in red and match the top. This outfit brings a unisex gothic collar and a coat bottom for the male avatar (both black on the outside and red on the inside for a dramatic look), and white laced cuffs, also a gown skirt for the female avatar, partially open in the front (all these accessories are resizable).
To visit the store click --> here!

Lnl: New release Gothic Collection!

LnL G29-O-120 is a black unisex outfit with a red jabot and a silver cross necklace. It brings a top (worn as a shirt), unbuttoned in the front, revealing the red jabot, and decorated with silver buckles, black pants (mod) with matching texture, and black gloves decorated by a red criss-cross effect discreetly covered by white lace cuffs (resizable) . This outfit is completed by a black gothic collar (resizable) and a coat bottom for the male avatar plus a stunning flexible train skirt, for the female avatar (also resizable).
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Holly's Fashions has created a new outfit

For this weekend only this lovely new Blue version of my Petra Range of Gothic Gowns is at half price, similarly the rest of the range are at 50% as well.

Holly Advert at Oolamoo

The dresses are available in Oolamoo, One eyed Jacks and Marketplace. More pictures are on my Flickr Stream. The gown has two versions of top, one strapless one high collar.
This offer is part of my new advertising campaign to publicise the new location of Holly's Fashions, we have moved to our own mainland plot at Oolamoo, where I have built a small village of North Light buildings as stores on a lovely hillside just off Route 10.

Holly Advert at Oolamoo 2

There is a lovely Viaduct on the north side - as shown in this image where I am modelling a new line of simple summery gowns.

Thank you for reading,
Holly Mistwood - 21 July 2011

...and the winner is:

A few days ago 22769 ~ casual couture asked you to vote via PLURK or in the store for your favorite swedish clogs they made. The voting is now closed and the swedish clogs "Paisleys" won the race with 85% of all votes. And like promised: The winner clogs are priced down as a promotional price to 10 L$ beginning now til Sunday midnight (24th JULY).

But not enough - 22769 also released a matching outfit for the clogs which is also priced down to 10 L$ during this timeframe. This cute tartan miniskirt outfit with babydoll shirt brings you a cute retro vibe and is just the perfect look for the summer.
But remember - the special deals are THIS WEEKEND ONLY! So better hurry up to get your steal at 22769 ~ casual couture :-)
All other clogs are of course available for their regular price of 60 L$.

July 19, 2011

Your help needed

22769 ~ casual couture have crafted these swedish clogs - and they will release them in their 22769 Flagshipstore on the 22nd July 2010.
ONE PAIR will be available for the promotion price of 10 L$ - and YOU decide which one.

You can vote via PLURK here or just jump to the 22769 Flagshipstore before the 22nd and vote there.

July 18, 2011

LnL: New in Gothic Line - O-119!!!

LnL G28-O119 is an all black unisex outfit with an impressive rubi brooch. It brings a top (worn as a shirt), buttoned in the front and showing very sober black silky ruffles, black pants (mod) with a very discreet texture emphasizing the silk, almost leathery look, and black gloves. This outfit is completed by a black gothic collar (resizable) and a coat bottom for the male avatar plus a gown skirt, partially open in the front, for the female avatar (also resizable).
To visit the store click --> here!

LnL: New in Kimono Line - K-6!!

K-6 is fantastic unisex kimono! Its reds, blues and golds bring out elegance and joyfulness. It features a traditional dragon with unique details in the texture. This kimono brings pants, a top worn as a shirt, a kimono skirt, a flexi hakama and obi (for both the female and male avatar and resizable), flexi sleeves, the gettas (shoewear) and matching socks.
To visit LnL's Kimono Store, click ----> here!