July 22, 2011

Holly's Fashions has created a new outfit

For this weekend only this lovely new Blue version of my Petra Range of Gothic Gowns is at half price, similarly the rest of the range are at 50% as well.

Holly Advert at Oolamoo

The dresses are available in Oolamoo, One eyed Jacks and Marketplace. More pictures are on my Flickr Stream. The gown has two versions of top, one strapless one high collar.
This offer is part of my new advertising campaign to publicise the new location of Holly's Fashions, we have moved to our own mainland plot at Oolamoo, where I have built a small village of North Light buildings as stores on a lovely hillside just off Route 10.

Holly Advert at Oolamoo 2

There is a lovely Viaduct on the north side - as shown in this image where I am modelling a new line of simple summery gowns.

Thank you for reading,
Holly Mistwood - 21 July 2011