December 2, 2011

Bargain Runner

There are incredible deals and hunts for men on the grid right now. Even on low budget there is a brillant possibility to gain an extremely decent look. Everything I am wearing in this picture is either a steal or a hunt item - and lads, can you ask for more?
Lets start with the skin and the shape. Both are gifts in the currently running Men Only Hunt. Also the lip piercing and the hair. So that means zero linden spent!
The red fur hoodie parka is the offer from 22769 ~ casual couture for La Venta Eventa (2nd - 5th December) for the reasonable price of 99 L$. I also grabbed the "team naughty tee" from the advent calendar at 22769 yesterday. And the 50ies styled denims are the offering from 22769 in the current Mens.Select for just 50 L$.
Finally the shoes are from the COCO outlet and was only 25 bucks. So overall I spent 199 L$ and a little hunting fun for this overall look.

Skin: [: najil designs :] Karman Men Only Huntgift (0 L$)
Shape: ::Ci Co:: Street Beefcake Men Only Huntgift (0 L$)
Hair: Yulicie Otavio (black) comes with hat Men Only Huntgift (0 L$)
Piercing: [-iPoke-] Minotaur Men Only Huntgift (0 L$)
Jacket: 22769 ~ casual couture for La Venta Eventa Fur Hoodie Parka (99 L$ this weekend only!)
T-Shirt: 22769 ~ casual couture Advent Calendar Team Naughty Tee (0 L$)
Denims: 22769 ~ casual couture (in Mens.Select) 50ies Styled Denims (50 L$)
Pose: ABS Man in a fuckin' cold Men Only Huntgift (0 L$)
Shoes: COCO homme Leather Shoes Brown (25 L$)

November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar Time

Good by November and welcome December - that means: Advent Calendar Time \o/
It is a tradition that some shops have an Advent Calendar to give away neat little season gifts. 22769 ~ casual couture also have one for your entertainment (and your virtual wardrobe of course) where you can get every day (and on that special day only) one unisex gift like t-shirts, jumper, trousers, furniture, poses and many stuff more. Beginning tomorrow with the 1st December the Advent Calendar is waiting for you here.

November 29, 2011

Update your Landmarks

The Gallery Gift Shop - this cute event that combines shopping and art - has changed its location. And it is worth a visit. Not only The Gallery Gift Shop is a winter wonderland right now - you still can find some steals and exclusive stuff here.
Above shown outfits are 22769 ~ casual coutures share for the new cycle. A ruffle jacket, a sweet to and a cascade skirt for the ladies and a black jacket, a v-neck, a skull muffler and some autumn trousers for the lads. Both for 190 L$ each!
So get your cab to the new location of The Gallery Gift Shop to check it out.

Real Men wear Kilts

Tomorrow another Male Hunt starts - the Men Only Hunt sponsored by Belleza. Many unique and wonderful gifts can be found here - so christmas comes a bit early this year for the lads.
Above shown outfit is the huntgift from 22769 ~ casual couture: A leather kilt and a green boheme jumper. I am wearing the Engineer Boots from COCO which match the overall look perfectly.
Oh - and if you go hunting - you are looking for a screwdriver.

Skin: Belleza - Ashton Tan (Groupgift 250L$ to join)
Shape: CS Shapes - BRENDAN Shape
Hair: Kletva - Elli Hair jet black
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture - Men Only Hunt Gift
Boots: COCO - Engineer Boots Black