April 15, 2011

LnL: New release -- Outfit 56!!

Outfit 56 of the Main Collection has a beautiful texture carefully and specifically designed for the Madhatter theme! The outfit includes a beautiful top, pants (mod so they can be worn with any shoewear), a flexi coat bottom, a bowtie, gloves and shirt laced cuffs. It also brings a pair of boots, a amazingly detailed thread chain, handkerchiefs and a very cool madhatter hat! All the accessories come with a resizable feature for a perfect fit! BEFORE resizing, make sure you MAKE A COPY of the items you are going to resize. To visit the store click ---> here!

April 13, 2011

LnL: Gothic Outfit G4-102!

LnL Outfit G4-O102 is exquisite. The top features a dark lace in the front, right above a criss-cross pattern that is also present on the pants, mod to fit any shoewear, and sleeves. The collar, the gloves and the bluish cuffs, plus the watch chain detail on the top, make this outfit absolutely fantastic. To complete the look, there is a coat bottom for the male avatar and a gown skirt, open in the front, for the female avatar. All accessories are resizable to fit you perfectly. To visit the store click ---> here!

April 12, 2011

Corn Poppy

Somehow I connect corn poppy fields very much with spring or early summer. The bold red colours and the rich green is somehow stunning and the corn poppies always nearly look as fragile as origami to me.
This spring dress from 22769 ~ casual coutures spring collection has a very appealing watercoloured corn poppy pattern. And the sculpted skirt brings some lightness to the overall look. Uber-sweet and simply adorable.

Outfit: Corn Poppy Dress (140 L$)
Available inworld and on the marketplace.

Makeup: [a.e.meth] glam rock lashes

Shape: CS Shapes (Mix and Match Huntgift)


After a nice plate of paella she felt the urge to party with her friends. Lucky her - she had an invitation for a fiesta at the harbour. So she put on her spanish top and wrapped around a flower patterned drapery and danced the night away.
The "Flowerskirt Dress" from 22769 ~ casual coutures spring collection is just the right look for party and for romantic moments at the beach. The sculpted skirt comes with hip prims and is designed that no naked flesh popps through while walking.

Outfit: Flowerskirt Dress (220 L$)
Available inworld or on the marketplace.

SS Duda Boots and Socks

April 11, 2011

LnL New Group Gift - The Raven!

LnL's Group has grown and it's time, after all the latest releases and amazing feedback from everyone, to say thank you to all! This is LnL's gift to you!! A fantastic Tshirt with a raven motiv in dark red with an amazing texture quite characteristic of the quality work we always present to you. The gift also includes matching pants (mod) and a bow tail skirt with a dark red silk texture for girls (resiz). Also an awesome red hat decorated by a swirling snake in two versions, one with a flexi decoration at the back, another without (resiz), plus an intriguingly romantic skull hand holding a black rose (resiz), plus a sculpted black raven shoulder pet that caws when touched!!! Isn't this great? A notice will be sent through the group! Click here to go to the ---> store!!! :)

Ruffles and fringes

Spring is finally here and it is time to celebrate it! Fancy a new countryesque look? 22769 ~ casual coutures latest release "The Spring Skirt Outfit" is just the right choice for that. It contains a babydoll with lots of ruffles for an extra-sweet look. Ths skirt even comes in two versions - one with and one without fringes on the belt.

Outfit: The Spring Skirt Outfit (220 L$)
Available inworld or on the marketplace.