December 23, 2011

LnL: New release in the Gothic Collection!

Outfit G37-O144 is extremely elegant in tones of dark red, and gold on black. The top (worn as a shirt) has a detailed texture as a jacket with dark red lapels and a golden cord tied in a lace to the side. It also has a detailed white jabot adorned with a silver cross. It is complemented by matching pants (mod) with a waist sash and black gloves enriched by a gold decoration. To add to this, it brings a gothic collar and a double layered wide gown skirt, open in the front, for the female avatar, plus a coat bottom for the male avatar. The accessoires are all resizable for a perfect adjustment to your avatar. Click --> here to drop by LnL!

LnL's Whimsical and Mythical Hunt prize!

The Whimsical and Mythical hunt starts today and lasts till January 23! LnL has prepared a fantastic prize for you. It's a Gryphon Staff with a neat on/off particle feature. Click on the shpere and you can stop/start particles. The prize is marked 1L but it's totally worth it! Drop by LnL and clik the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters to get an updated hint! Click -- > here to go to the store.

Happy Holidays from 22769

Merry Christmas from 22769 & L4A - Gallery
Greetings everyone,
just a few hous before good 'ol Santa Claus comes to town. And I want to use this oppertunity to thank all off you for a great 2011.
Hope that you had the chance to celebrate Christmas with your friends, family and special ones. Paco and myself are also going on a short christmas vacation to celebrate together with our familys.
Have a great Christmas Time everyone.


December 21, 2011

Christmas is so close...

The Comfy Cottage is not included in the above picture.

.. and it's time to show you the final gifts of the Adventcalender at 22769.
So this is last image of Strunz & Schlimmbeck the christmas elfs from 22769 - for this year. This time they wear the items from December 21 - 24.
Each Day you'll find a new gift in the box with the right date on it. The boxes are benath the christmas tree at 22769 ~ casual couture.
Merry Christmas everyone, have a great relaxing time with you family and loved ones.