November 4, 2014

New from ~Lantian/Flox~: SMASHable Decor! :D

Smashable decor!  
Need to relieve some stress?  Whack this a few times using the included Smashin' stick until it SMASHES!  Great sound effects; cloud of dust and broken pieces fly out.  (Don't worry, pieces are temporary.)  You can also smash them by running into, driving over, shooting, or otherwise damaging them.  After a few seconds, the pot comes back for another round. :)

* Sculpted pots, 1 LI each, approximately 0.5x0.5x1m in size.
* Scripted to SMASH with great effects.
* Available in wide range of colors; custom textures available at no extra charge.
30% OFF until 30 November 2014 - only at our Main Store in Mieville Kipling

Also on the Marketplace...
149L each, Mod/Copy/no-trans

Need more information?  Contact Wyvern Dryke in Second Life