June 17, 2011

Doll avatar for a dollar

For those of you interested in gothic / broken doll fashion: here's a fab doll avatar for just L$1!
Read more at inTheory.

A doll for a dollar

La Venta Eventa - steals for men

There is a new sale in town - but this one has a twist! Instead of offering like a lot of one thing and less of other things, the La Venta Eventa Weekend Sale guarantees variety. So in each category like menswear, womenswear, furniture, poses... etc. (you name it) there is only limited space for merchants. So what exactly can you expect from this sale? Yes, indeed: Variety! And even better: All designers offer their La Venta Eventa item for half the price and for 100 L$ maximum.
22769 ~ casual couture take part in this sale with a Menswear Outfit: A high detailed Sportsjacket with some blue jeans and a graphic tee. You can get it over the whole weekend for just 100 L$ beginning NOW! On Monday you can find the item in the 22769 [homme] section but priced up to its regular price at 250 L$. So boys - this is a steal! Better hurry up. And here is your cab.

Check out the other items on the La Venta Eventa Flickr Group.

LnL: Gothic Line New Releases!

LnL G25-O116 is an imposing unisex outfit in full black. The top (worn as a shirt) bears a detailed black laced jabot, the pants (mod) and the excellent gloves are decorated with silver half rings and chains. This outfit is completed by a sensational gothic collar and a coat bottom for the male avatar plus a gown skirt, partially open in the front, for the female avatar. These elements are resizable so they can be fitted flawlessly.

LnL G26-O117 is a staggering unisex outfit! The black look is enriched by riveted details and a leathery feel to it. The top (worn as a shirt) shows a black lace held by a rich brooch. The pants (mod) and the gloves, in the same pattern, are also extremely stylish! This outfit is completed by a gothic collar and a coat bottom for the male avatar plus a gown skirt, partially open in the front, for the female avatar. The accessories are resizable for a precise fit.
To visit the store click --> here!

June 16, 2011

Love 4 Linnen

Like on every 15th of the month 22769 ~ casual couture released their new groupgift - and this time it is all about the love for linnen. The groupgift contains some comfi linnen pants with sculpted cuffs, a cafe au lait striped tanktop and an open linnen shirt with neat horn buttons. The gift includes a homme and a femme version and of course the bottom prim of the open shirt comes with resizer.
The groupgift is available for one month in the 22769 ~ casual couture flagship store. Slap the Groupgift Button with your activated 22769 ANB Grouptag to receive the gift.

On her:
Skin: Glam Affair (TDR) "Nina Skin" (TDR)
Shape: CS Shapes "Lana Shape"
Hair: Vignette "Jamie Platinum" (Freebie)
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture Groupgift June 2011 femme

On him:
Skin: Zoobong Ocean 3.0 Prerelease
Shape: his own
Hair: Shag "Misfit"
Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture Groupgift June 2011 homme

June 15, 2011

Introducing 22769 [E]

22769 ~ casual couture not only have rebuild their store massivly - they also released a new splitline for more formal wear with that special twist. This one is called 22769 [E] and today I am very glad to show you some of the female items you can get there.

On the right you see an evening dress containing a silk skirt, a corset and a fancy bolero jacket. The outfit also comes with gloves. On the left we have a modern daylook containing a ruffle blouse with puffy sleeves, a ruffle skirt and a fitting fascinator. 22769 [E] also offers two more colours for the ruffledress outfit to chose from.

Both skirts are sculpted in a way that the avatar movement imitates a natural skirtfloat. Other than with flexi prims the skirts movement is close to reality and you will not face the fringed skirt effect while flying or landing.

The outfits are available in the [E] Section of the store. So check them out and bring some elegance in your second life.

Here is your cab :-))