June 15, 2011

Introducing 22769 [E]

22769 ~ casual couture not only have rebuild their store massivly - they also released a new splitline for more formal wear with that special twist. This one is called 22769 [E] and today I am very glad to show you some of the female items you can get there.

On the right you see an evening dress containing a silk skirt, a corset and a fancy bolero jacket. The outfit also comes with gloves. On the left we have a modern daylook containing a ruffle blouse with puffy sleeves, a ruffle skirt and a fitting fascinator. 22769 [E] also offers two more colours for the ruffledress outfit to chose from.

Both skirts are sculpted in a way that the avatar movement imitates a natural skirtfloat. Other than with flexi prims the skirts movement is close to reality and you will not face the fringed skirt effect while flying or landing.

The outfits are available in the [E] Section of the store. So check them out and bring some elegance in your second life.

Here is your cab :-))