January 8, 2011

ICEWERK @ The Couturiers Loft

Dress:*ICEWERK* Cold As Ice ( 95 L$) at The Couturiers Loft
Skin:  WDB Skin Jelena Smokey
Hair: Amacci Hair Rhoda ~ Black Coal ( Hairbase Tattoolayer for Viewer 2 , Phoenix, …)
Amacci Hairs Winter Sale ends January 16th.

A Homage to Gustave Dore

a Homage for Gustave Dore Huntgift for What's The News Hunt @ Fallen Gods, Inc

Greetings everyone,
today I have another wonderful gift you can find on the What's the News Hunt. But for this entry I need a lot of help .. yeah, shame on me :-)
So I used as sources the wikipedia page of Gustav Dore and 

January 7, 2011

22769 @ The Couturiers Loft

22769 again taking Part at the Couturiers Loft with this casual Set… Well, meant to be for Men but looking great on us Girls as well ; )

Shirt with stylish Ornaments & Cuffs, Denims coming with Belt and texturechange Cuffs at a discounted Price of just 100 L$. Grab you BF and get it at the Couturiers Loft

::: Mu-Shi Doll :::

Attention!!! WDB sexy fashion is now ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: !!

We have 3 new release Outfits:

Mu-Shi Doll Janett Dress Black

Mu-Shi Doll Janett Dress Pink

Mu-Shi Doll Mila Tuerkis

Groupgift: Mu-Shi Doll  Magic Dress

Mu-Shi Doll at The Couturiers Loft

02.01. – 14.01. 2011

Mu-Shi Doll Mila Pink – 55 L$

Groupgift January 2011 @ WDB

New Goupgift available for you now!

WDB Groupgift January 2011
WDB Girly Glam Hoops- Frost

TP WDB Mainstore

Your Womens Dreamy Bodyshop Team

January 6, 2011

Same quality - new locations :-)

The new year brings new things for everyone. Some are good, some are bad, and especially in secondlife a move of a business can be a real drag. Todays post is just to inform you that two stores have new landmarks but offer the same good quality you are used to :-)

EMBODY SHAPES AND POSES relocated and if you are on a hunt or on a quest or just are in need of high quality poses and/or shapes you better make a new landmark or take the cab here :-)

ICKI INK your specialist for tattoos (even costumised ones) also has a new virtual home. so better check them out here.

Saris Creation's - Libelula

What's The News Hunt @ Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Hello Hunters,

Searches the rolled newspaper in our Mainstore. Hint :  I lost my Newspaper. Please follow the track. ;-)

Tp Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

Enjoy!  Your Womens Dreamy Bodyshop Team

January 5, 2011

Special Report ... more Gifts you'll find on the What's The News Hunt

Greetings Hunters,

today it's time to show you more nice gifties you can find in the rolled newspaper. So this special Report is all about a few clothing items hidden in the hunt.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemens, have not idea what to do with an old newspaper? Moulizz^^ has used yesterdays editon to create this two great Outfits for you.
Moulizz^^ Gifts for him and her for What's The News Hunt

Next, I'll show you the "Baracuda Gazette" found at Baracuda Clothing. This complete Outfit comes to you Unisex, so guys, it is something for you as well. (all the Prim Parts in this Outfit comes with Resizers)
Baracuda Clothing exclusive for What's The News Hunt

Guys, cut your hair, change your jeans to a cotton trouser and become a business man with this outfit from Subversion Menswear in seconds. Believe me, Girls like ties as well :)
Subversion Menswear for What's The News Hunt
 That's all for now folks ... hope to see ya on the hunt ... oh, did anyone see the UFO over there :)


22769 at the Couturier's Loft

Again 22769 ~ casual couture takes part in the Couturier's Designer Loft. For this time we crafted a new outfit containing the doublecuff jeans with texture-changer (3 textures loaded) and an ornamented embroided linnen longsleeve with two different sculpted armcuffs for left and right arm.

You can get the outfit for the snip of 100 L$ only at the Couturier's Designer Loft. And here is your cab :-)

January 4, 2011

New Collection at the Couturiers Loft

The Couturiers Loft proudly presents 2011´s first Collection...
The following Designers taking Part and offer discounted Items, everything between 50 and 100 L$

Abia Capalini – Abia Capalini Design
 Mayden Ushimawa – Mayden Couture
 Jenny Solo – Icewerk
 Vincenca Rosca – Vincenca Rosca Jewelry
 Badoura Loon – Badoura Design
 Paco Pooley & Manuel Ormidale – 22769
 Ilaya Allen – Ilaya
 Ratte Tomsen – Rattenscharf
 Emeliy Auer – Trendstlye
 Chris Lodenwald – !Right Fashion
 Zelijkogirl Solo – Mu-Shi Doll
 JaneDark Miles – Womens Dreamy Bodyshop

 from casual to formal, a wonderful Poseprop, fine Jewelry for male and female, sexy Outfits… what more could you wish      for?
The Couturiers Loft

January 2, 2011

Whats The News Hunt - FIN *Relive the Fifties*

Hello Everybody
Here is the FIN *Relive the Fifites* Whats The News Hunt Gift!
The Table comes with a Newspaper Collage Top showing
Headlines about some of the biggest Vintage Icons like
Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, James Dean or Elvis Presley.
The Chairs in 1950 Style comes with 6 Menu-Controlled Animations!
And here my HINT: "The most perfect Place to read a Newspaper!"
Enjoy! Greetings Nil McCallen

And here is your cab to the store.

[kusshon] furniture & interieur: "must have" # 1

hello all,
the hunt item is out (as seen befor: [kusshon] hunt gift) and i hope you will enjoy what i made for you. The item i would like to present today is one of my personal "must have" furniture in my shop and out now: The "poor deer" big old rocking chair.

Do me the favour and have a look while you are around. Have fun :).

Hunt Gift from StarChild

OK, so, we confess...at StarChild the New Years party went on for a wee bit longer than expected, and so the hunt item has only just been put out! BUT, to make up for lost time, we're proud to present as the hunt prize the absolute LATEST edition to our clothing collection, "The Trenchcoat" - in brown plaid. The jacket is to be part of our brand new 2011 vintage range for winter/spring - and what news reporter could live without it! Best of all, for all you WTN hunters out there, its totally free!

...and the hint for this fantastic prize I hear you ask...shssshh...come closer...

The Vintage room has all the news,
So take a seat, and enjoy the views!