Some Rules for Bloggin on W-T-N

As you certainly know the blog will continue beeing up after the "What's The News Hunt". And if you have had a look on the blog you already noticed that several merchants already started blogging their new releases there.

1. How can I blog my creations on 
We need an e-mail address to give you access to the blogspot-page. send your request offworld to and you will receive an invitation - normally within 24 hours.  
2. Is it complicated to blog? 
Blogspot has a fairly easy interface for blogging. If you are not familiar with blogspot - take your time to explore all functions. In any case - if you feel unsecure about something you always can drop Manuel or myself a line and we are happy to help.
3. What is my benefit? 
First of all - your blogposts become published to many readers out there. Not only via the page but with the syndications we already did. Syndications mean that every blog entry will become automatically published in other blogs also without extra-work. The syndication-blogs are heavy frequented by SL-residents who want to be up to date with the newest releases within second life. Also - there will most probably come even more syndications. Some syndication blogs request that the blog has to be at least 3 months old (and right now the w-t-n.blogspot page is too fresh for that).
4. Do I have to pay money for that service? 
Nope !
5. Are there rules of blogging stuff? 
Yes there are , but they are simple and understandable:
  • Do NOT blog huntgifts from other hunts during a "What's The News Hunt". Of course we do not want to drag the attention from our own hunt to others via the blog
  • Do NOT blog sexual explizit images or writing. Same goes for violence, begging, insultings, raciest things...etc. This is supposed to be fun for all - and we all have a responsibility for our blog but also for the syndicated blogs.
  • Keep your entries "News". Like New releases, new Groupgifts, new storelocation, new stoer-rebuild...etc.
  • Stick to your store/business and products. Do not advertise a cool store you found or a great sim or even a fair if you do not attend it with your business.  
If the "What's The News Hunt" is over you can also start to post huntgifts from other hunts of course :-)
6. I do not do clothing, but most blog entries are about fashion.
We communicated with every syndication that is not a pure fashion blog but also a blog for furniture, buildings, museums, poses, animations...etc. So do not be shy - you do not have to be in the "sewing-industry" to blog your creations. 

That's all. I kept this one short and simple and we are looking forward to see that great variety of creations SL has to offer :-) 

Hugzz and *kissKiss*
Paco Pooley & Manuel Ormidale