July 16, 2011

Super Deals and Art: The Gallery Gift Shop opened

Today the Gallery Gift Shop opened its doors and this one is the must be event at the moment. Not only that you can find exclusive created items like clothes, skins, make up, furniture and many more stuff in here - you are also in an absolutely stunning enviroment and find also works from sl artists all over the grid.
The participating merchants have created items you can not find anywhere else - not even in their own shops. New releases, different color options, transfer-items and many more.
The art range goes from paintings to drawings, sculptures and many things more. And of course there are also freebies and cheapies to be found at the Gallery Gift Shop.
The event will be ongoing. Every month the artists and the merchants change their works.

The creators in the Gallery Gift Shop (1st round) are:
22769 ~ casual couture (EXCLUSIVE - outfits on him and her in the pictures)
Bodyline (EXCLUSIVE/LIMITED - Skin on her in the pictures)
:: c.A. :: chocolate atalier (EXCLUSIVE/LIMITED)
:::Majesty::: (EXCLUSIVE)
[#7] / [ Lucky #7 ] (EXCLUSIVE OPENING gift)
KIDD GRASS Garden (25L fatpack)
napoliy (special TRANS-version)
Kumaki Glasses Style K_gs (DISCOUNTED HERE FIRST)
DIAPOP (gift)
SOMAPOP (gift and cheapie)

The artists in the Gallery Gift Shop (1st round) are:
made in moon - jaziz

Flickr-Group for the Gallery Gift Shop:

Direct Taxi-Cab:
The Gallery Gift Shop

July 15, 2011

Weekend steal for guys: La Venta Eventa

The La Venta Eventa sale is on this weekend again. From the 15th July (today!) til 17th July this is the offer by 22769 ~ casual couture. The outfit contains faded denims with cuffs and belt, a paisleys silk shirt with cuffs, collar and bottom prim and also a neat wristband. You are able to get it for only 85 L$ - this weekend only! So better hurry up, lads :-)

Skin: Belleza Ashton tan (groupgift - groupfee 250 L$)
Shape: CS Shapes DECLAN (not free)
Hair: COLORS (hairfair gift)
Outfit including wristband: 22769 ~ casual couture (85 L$ this weekend only!)
Shoes: Maschinenwerk (free)