February 9, 2011

"L" is for Lovers - 22769 ~ casual couture storehunt

By tomorrow 22769 ~ casual couture celebrate their first anniversary in SL. When they opened their virtual doors the first time they started with a Valentines Storehunt. And this one comes back! February 10th til February 15th hunters are looking for five orange hearts. Each heart contains a part of the female- and the male price.

If all five hearts are collected the lads will have a cowboy hat, a tweed jacket, ajumper and a tank and also the country jeans. The girls receive also the cowboy hat and the country denims (girlsized). The femme-outfit gets completed by the poncho, the top and the overskirt of course.
Both outfits are not simple give aways but will become released with the 22769 ~ casual couture spring collection soon. And since Valentines Day is near it is a good idea to do the easy storehunt with your significant other ^^
Here is your cab to the storehunt. But remember: Starting day is February 10th, 2011 :-)

FREE Gift for Valentines Day!

Valentines Day! Yes, its that time of year again when Cupid takes up his bow, polishes some arrows and finds new hearts to pierce. Wether you've been with your hearts-desire for years, or only just met, our Valentines Gift will set pulses racing with this sexy ladies lingerie.With beautiful red-satin fabric, fine mesh, and loving attention to detail - this is one outfit that is made with love, for love! Best of all - its FREE for VIPs till Midnight February 14th, and just $1 for everyone else at our famous $1 Bargain Bazaar. 

Don't forget to grab this dollarbie/freebie (free to VIPs) at our $1 Bargain Bazaar - with over 100 unique and detailed outfits all priced at - you guessed it - JUST $1 EACH! Links to our in-world and online stores below...

Buy NOW online StarChild SL Marketplace Online Store
Buy NOW in-world slurl link to StarChild Main Store

February 7, 2011

.::BeautyCode::. Groupgift February

Hey Girls
Our new Groupgift  “.::BeautyCode::. Skin Brittany Gold Dust“ for February 2011 is now available at the Mainstore!
Come and grab it ;-)

TP Mainstore

February 6, 2011

LnL: A Hot Outfit!

LnL has prepared this outfit as a prize for a special occasion, the Inferno Hunt. An exclusive selection of participating shops is offering special clothing designs whose value ranges from $100-300L for $10L each. This is a coed event, so the prizes will fit girls and guys. Drop by LnL to check it out.

Click ---> here for a Slurl :)