February 9, 2011

FREE Gift for Valentines Day!

Valentines Day! Yes, its that time of year again when Cupid takes up his bow, polishes some arrows and finds new hearts to pierce. Wether you've been with your hearts-desire for years, or only just met, our Valentines Gift will set pulses racing with this sexy ladies lingerie.With beautiful red-satin fabric, fine mesh, and loving attention to detail - this is one outfit that is made with love, for love! Best of all - its FREE for VIPs till Midnight February 14th, and just $1 for everyone else at our famous $1 Bargain Bazaar. 

Don't forget to grab this dollarbie/freebie (free to VIPs) at our $1 Bargain Bazaar - with over 100 unique and detailed outfits all priced at - you guessed it - JUST $1 EACH! Links to our in-world and online stores below...

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