October 1, 2011

Our most popular dish from the vineyard is now available in store. Eight main courses, 5 starters, 2 desserts and 3 drinks are just the beginning. Come check out our selection. Available in single servings or copiable versions for your home dining needs. Don't see what you're looking for? IM Sun Michalski for custom orders.

Due to overwhelming demand, ice cream is now available by the half gallon. All your favorite flavors, and distributes unlimited copies of both cake and sugar cones. A sweet treat is just a click away.

October Group Gift!

Charity Skin (0L)
❤ Sophie

September 29, 2011

Discussion at LnL today Thursday 2pm SLT!

SHHHHHHH!! I'm huntin' wabbits!! Sane "Game" or abrupt obsession in SL?!! Store Hunts, Mini Hunts, Gridwide hunts, Mega hunts, weekly hunts... hunts... hunts... hunts. Does this proliferation of freebies kill the SL economy, or is it just a "Fun Game"? Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Join us! :) *London Junkers (moderator)

Freebies and Dollarbies - German Reunification Day

We are entering the MAD season in SL - all favorite holidays are in there - beginning with Halloween, Thanksgiving, X-Mas, New Years... all the crazy deco fun stuff in second life. Well - there is one bank holiday I have not mentioned since the residents - no matter where they come from - are used to celebrate only the American holidays in SL. But there is also a German one - and since the guys from 22769 ~ casual couture are Germans they thought: "Ok - SL is a melting pot of many different nationalities and cultures. So let's celebrate the German Reunification Day." And there is enough space for France, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, Italien, Indian, Chinese, African or other nations bank holidays also.

The German Reunification Day is one of the most important holidays in Germany. It marks the date when Eastern and Western Germany became to one nation again. A symbol for this day is definitely the Berlin Wall - so you will find the Berlin Wall in the 22769 ~ Flagshipstore. And just like last year 22769 ~ casual couture provides you with freebies and dollarbies matching the topic. This time they also have a mesh retro ostalgie miniskirt (10 L$) for you.
But better hurry up - the German Reunification Day is on the 3rd October. And the offer stays in the shop til 4th October.

If you are interested in the history behind the Reunification Day you can get notecards with a brief summary about the holiday at the "Checkpoint Charly" behind the Berlin Wall. You also will find the Freebies and the Dollarbies there :-)
And the Berlin Wall is always good for some snapshots ^^
Here is your cab :-)

September 28, 2011

LnL: New Group Gift!

Autumn is here and it's time to updated your wardrobe. So, LnL has prepared these unisex group gifts for you! A first-rated black skull and tribals Tshirt plus black pants (mod), a fantastic black hat decorated with a skull (resizable), a black and red belt with the coolest buckle and an awesome skull necklace! All the pieces are great to match with any other piece in your inventory! Have fun! To drop by the store, click ---> here!

September 25, 2011

New Furniture!

Brand new in store, the "Taylor" set is just one of
3 new living room sets. Beautiful, traditional
furniture, with a gorgeous oriental rug as the
centerpiece. Comes with everything shown. Pick
and choose what to use, to save on prims if you need to.

Tick Tock!

Hickory dickory dock, 
This dude just made a clock.
The cock struck one, and
something, something...

I don't remember the rest of the rhyme anyway so let's just forget about me being linguistically creative, ok?

I put together a couple clocks - and I have to say that I really like how they worked out! This beautiful Grandfather Clock is truly amazing, and will be a welcome addition to any of your design needs.

It's a FUNCTIONAL clock, set to SL time, with a soothing ticking sound that comes with so many of the old clocks.

 Clocking in (get it? hehe) at a small 8 prims, it's sure to add an aspect of beauty to your home! Grab it on the Marketplace (just click the image for the Marketplace page) or in-world for only $249L.

I also started making wall clocks like this one. I'm probably going to make about a bazillion of them, putting them all over the store until I crash the sim completely from the scripts.

Good thing the scripts are low-lag then, huh? ;o)

The wall clock is a bit different. First of all, it's only 4 prims, and this one has a working second hand.

Oh yeah, it's white. And hangs on the wall. Way cool, no? $175L in the Marketplace or in-world, and it belongs to you!

 Look forward to seeing more clocks too, building them is actually pretty fun! I can tell you a secret, that in an upcoming hunt there will be yet another clock available for you!

 This is only one of the new items available now at RT Designs. Come down to the store and check out the epic newness!