September 29, 2011

Freebies and Dollarbies - German Reunification Day

We are entering the MAD season in SL - all favorite holidays are in there - beginning with Halloween, Thanksgiving, X-Mas, New Years... all the crazy deco fun stuff in second life. Well - there is one bank holiday I have not mentioned since the residents - no matter where they come from - are used to celebrate only the American holidays in SL. But there is also a German one - and since the guys from 22769 ~ casual couture are Germans they thought: "Ok - SL is a melting pot of many different nationalities and cultures. So let's celebrate the German Reunification Day." And there is enough space for France, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, Italien, Indian, Chinese, African or other nations bank holidays also.

The German Reunification Day is one of the most important holidays in Germany. It marks the date when Eastern and Western Germany became to one nation again. A symbol for this day is definitely the Berlin Wall - so you will find the Berlin Wall in the 22769 ~ Flagshipstore. And just like last year 22769 ~ casual couture provides you with freebies and dollarbies matching the topic. This time they also have a mesh retro ostalgie miniskirt (10 L$) for you.
But better hurry up - the German Reunification Day is on the 3rd October. And the offer stays in the shop til 4th October.

If you are interested in the history behind the Reunification Day you can get notecards with a brief summary about the holiday at the "Checkpoint Charly" behind the Berlin Wall. You also will find the Freebies and the Dollarbies there :-)
And the Berlin Wall is always good for some snapshots ^^
Here is your cab :-)