October 28, 2011

Free Cute Kitty Cross-bone Lounge outfit

ORQUIDEA has a fun Halloween gift out. Look for a lonely floating ghost and there you will find a pumpkin with this adorable free little kitty skull and cross-bone lounge outfit inside. Perfect for wearing out or for cuddling up on the sofa watching scary movies!

October 26, 2011

LnL: Discussion at 2pm SLT tomorrow Thursday!

Topic: Trick or Treat!! & the seasons in SL!!
The season brings this expression, Trick or Treat, and in this discussion we will talk about Second Life's best things as well as the not so enjoyable ones from our "travels" point of view. What is the impact of seasons in our experience of the metaverse? What are the most wonderful places you have been to? Share interesting tricks that enhance our experience!! What are the biggest disapointments you have had in your second life? Join us for a lively discussion about this hot topic in LnL's Lounge at 2pm SLT! Looking forward to seeing you! Click here to join us!
London Junkers (Moderator)

October 25, 2011

Forest Folk

Today the Haunted Forest Hunt 2 started (25th Oct. - 25th Nov.) and 22769 ~ casual couture went all fantasy with this one. If you find the hidden ghost you get this awesome Satyr Avatar (male and female version included) as reward. The hooves and the horns are meshes - so you need a mesh enabled viewer to see them properly.
So what are you waiting for? Here is your cab.

October 24, 2011

The Sanguine Noir Adventure has started

It is the spooky and creepy season of the year. And the guys from 22769 ~ casual couture prepared something special for everyone: The Sanguine Noir Adventure just has started and runs til 1st November.

So what is the Sanguine Noir Adventure? It is mainly a store hunt where you have to find five items to receive a complete male and female victorian styled vampire outfit (as shown above). At the landing point you get the first part of a fierce Halloween Story that reveals what you are looking for and where to find it. If you found the first item you receive parts of the outfits and also the second part of the story that gives you the next hint. So: if you found all five items you not only receive the outfits but also a complete candlelight story. Or in other words: you slip inside the story as protagonist.
You can find out more about the Sanguine Noir Adventure on the Sanguine-Blog. Or just jump to the 22769 Flagshipstore, get your notecard from the Sanguine Noir Sign and start the adventure at your own risk ;-) Your droshky is here. Happy hunting.

October 23, 2011

Your friendly neighbourhood skeleton

The spooky season of SL is in full throttle - and there are many Halloween-Parties and costume events. Having this in mind the guys from 22769 ~ casual couture have released a few days ago this cute skeleton avatar as groupgift in their flagshipstore. To get the "Little Ghost" avatar you just have to hop to the Landingpoint of 22769 ~ casual couture and slap the groupgift button with activated grouptag. And: There is no groupfee ^^
Your cab to 22769 ~ casual couture is here.