May 27, 2011

New Gothic Releases at LnL!!!

LnL G21-O115 is an impressive unisex outfit in black and a hint of red. The riveted top (worn as a shirt) has a red jabot and a fantastic rubi jewelry piece. The pants (mod) match the riveted pattern in great detail. This outfit is completed by a pair of black gloves adorned by red laced cuffs, a coat bottom for the male avatar, a gown skirt partially open in the front for the female avatar and an impressive Gothic collar. All accessories are resizable for a perfect fit.

LnL G22-O53 is an amazing unisex outfit in tones of burgundy. The top (worn as a shirt) is decorated with a discreet texture pattern and silver details in the front, sleeves and back at waist level. The pants (mod to fit any shoewear type) matches the top and the gloves. This outfit also brings a top hat, a coat bottom for the male avatar and a wide gown skirt for the female avatar plus a stunning collar with a drapped look. All accessories are resizable for a perfect adjustment.
To visit the store click --> here!

May 22, 2011

49 L$ Sale for Dudes at 22769 ~ casual couture

The 49 L$ Sale for Dudes is back. And again 22769 ~ casual couture offers two outfits for 49 L$ each. Outfit one contains a light blue silk shirt with easy to adjust collar, bottomprim and cuffs - and some rolled up denims with striped cuffs. Outfit 2 comes with striped cargo baggy shorts and a neat tanktop in all layers. Since the primparts come with resizers - and the outfits are rather unisex - they also match women and furry avatars.
The 49 L$ Sale for Dudes runs 22. May - 28. May 2011.
And the cab to 22769 ~ casual couture is right here. ^^