March 23, 2012

La Venta Eventa: bleeded cardigan for the lads

The La Venta Eventa sale hits the grid again this weekend and 22769 ~ casual couture offer this ombre cardigan with the sloppy silk tee. Of course the cardigan and the tee can also become worn seperately.
Available in store now til Monday 26. February 2012 for a superbargain price. Here is your cab.

March 22, 2012

LnL: Discussion @ 3pm SLT "I'll mute you...!"

What?! I'll mute you... - Communication in SL!"
Why is communicating in Second Life such a challenge sometimes? Misunderstandings, unwelcomed spamming , drama... Group chats, emoting, using voice - are they effective or a source of conflict? How can we improve the stream of communication in SL? We will talk about these and many more issues related to the topic at LnL's Discussion Lounge! This week, the discussion will take place at 3pm SLT due to Daylight Saving Time changes. Drop by to share your opinion! We are looking forward to seeing you!

March 20, 2012

Wandering in a Narcistic way

Today the new round of the Narcissus Room openes - the place where the state of the art male fashion designers offer their newest creations in a price range between 20 - 90 L$. If you have not heard of it already - check the place out.
These are the chevron knickebockers grey from 22769 ~ casual couture which are a new release only available at the Narcissus Room. The knickebockers come in two versions: One only with belt and one with belt and hip-prim - and of course all prim parts have a resizer. The grey argyle socks are also included.
So grab your cab to the Narcissus Room here.

March 18, 2012

Sugar skulls for men

starts and one of the offerings is this sugar skull parka hoodie from 22769 ~ casual couture as special release for the super bargain price of 75 L$. The new runs til 30th March - so better hurry up to get this fashionable and edgy addition to your wardrobe. Here is your cab to