December 22, 2012

ORQUIDEA Blue Jacket and Leggings for PEACE ON EARTH hunt.

Don't forget to stop by ORQUIDEA to get the Peace on Earth hunt item before Jan 6th.  This lovely baby blue jacket and white leggings is a feminine and stylish way to bundle up in the cold.  

Click here to visit ORQUIDEA

November 17, 2012

ORQUIDEA @ Around The World

ORQUIDEA is participating in the exciting Around the World event and representing Asia Major.  This event is worth visiting just to see the amazing sim, but why not check it out for the many exclusive items also? 

This beautiful poncho by ORQUIDEA is detailed with a lush brown fur trim and includes a matching sculpted hat.  The poncho is MESH and available in 5 sizes.

Click here to visit ORQUIDEA @ Around The World

November 15, 2012

22769 Sun Wrap at L'accessories

the sun wrap  @ L'accessories in November
For the November cycle of L'accessories 22769 is offering you the sun wrap as [first on venue] release.

You find the rigged mesh sun wrap in six shiny colors displayed each for 120L$. Or you can choose the fatpack, with all colors included for just 600L$.

What are you waiting for here's is your cab to L'accessories.

November 12, 2012

Project Guernica at LEA6 to Open Tomorrow!

After a lot of work and endless efforts, Project Guernica is opening November 13 at 2pm SLT at LEA6 under the LEA Full Sim Art Series.

The intention of re-creating this masterpiece in Second Life comes from the love for the original mural itself and what it represents. Painted in black and white, it depicts the horrors of war, unfortunately still as updated as it was back then.

After a lot of thought and experimenting with external 3d software, a decision was made; this installation would be built in prims, as an exercise of the possibilities that LEA has given us.

Featured in the Destination Guide, the LEA and UWA websites, this piece is a tribute to Picasso and his extraordinary work.

Drop by LEA6 and enjoy!
London Junkers and Lizzie Gudkov

October 27, 2012


"Esther" Skins & Shape (250L)
Visit In-World Store
❤ Sophie

October 24, 2012

Freaky Halloween Costumes for a Freaky Price!

Halloween is almost upon us! Got a house to haunt, a poltergeist party to attend, or just looking to express your inner wicked witch? Well, look no further, our $1 Bargain store has a great variety of costumes to choose from.

Once again, to celebrate this year's spooky festival, we have released a new $1 outfit. Combining the latest  mesh technology and our terrific texturing, we proudly introduce the Spooky Bloody Ghost, suitable for both male and female (or other!) avatars.

So what are you waiting for?! Pick up your poltergeist pack right here:

Bloody Ghost Costume

Drop by the store and check out our special Halloween display, including a brand new, $1 mesh Ghost outfit just created for you!

StarChild Designs Store
StarChild Bargain Bazaar, over 100 $1 outfits for guys n girls.

xx Tatiana Starsider

October 20, 2012

LnL: Grim Grinning Ghost Hunt!

Halloween is here! The Grim Grinning Ghost Hunt starts Monday and this is LnL's prize, a haunted mansion Tshirt! In the picture above, you can see a detail of the back and sleeve (smaller image). This is a 1L prize. Drop by the store and click the red "i" for a hint! Have fun!

October 19, 2012

LnL: New in the Gothic Catalog!

LnL is happy to present a new release in the Gothic Collection! LnL G44-O86 is an elegant gothic outfit in black and red. The top is a black buttoned jacket over a red vest and a white shirt with a white jabot. The pants (mod) have a belt detail with a silver buckle. This outfit also brings black gloves, a sculpted collar, red laced cuffs and a coat bottom for the female avatar and one for the male avatar. All accessories are resizable.

new groupgift from 22769 - the Grumpy Scarecrow

The Grumpy Scarecrow - October Groupgift from 22769 ~ casual couture
 Greetings everyone,

the new Groupgift for October is out. This month, the Groupgiftdisplay at the 22769 ~ casual couture Flagship store holds the Grumpy Scarecrow.

This item is a complete mesh avatar in one size. It will transform everyone in a Grumpy Scarerow.

So, activate your 22769 ANB grouptag, get it and scare your friends!

October 14, 2012

LnL: Boo Bunny Hunt!

The Boo Bunny Hunt starts Monday, Oct 15! This year, LnL has created a fun skully unisex Tshirt for all the hunters. In tones of burgundy with a bunny skull in the front, this Tshirt is complemented by black jeans (mod). Above you can see a detail of the back and sleeve of the prize. You are looking for a wrapped candy.Don't forget to click the red "i" hint giver by the hunt poster for an updated hint! Good luck and Happy Hunting!

October 11, 2012

22769 ~ [femme] Fanny Tunic inworld available and new marketplace releases

22769 ~ [femme] Fanny Tunic available in 6 colors (120L$ each)
Today, 22769 ~ casual couture has released the Fanny Tunic in six different colors in the Flagshipstore. The Tunic is rigged mesh in female standard size and comes with matching alpha layers and alpha textures included.

Also, from now on you find the following items finally on the SL Marketplace.

22769 ~ [femme] Slim Leather Pants at the SL Marketplace
The Slim Leather Pants are available in eight great colors (130L$ each), on the Marketplace and in the Flagshipstore.
Three styles of the 22769 Rachel Denims are waiting for you on the SL Marketplace for just 160L$ each
The 22769 Rachel Denims are available in the styles: hippie, patchwork and light blue.

All items are great mix&match items to complete your own and unique style. Of course, we provide you with demos, so you can check fitting and the style before purchase.

All items are mesh and come in female standard size.

October 6, 2012

Ready for Fall - with new items from 22769 for the mens.dept!

four great parkas for just 140L$(each) at the mens.dept
Not only autumn has started in the last days, also the mens.dept has done a change over in the collection for October. With the first release of fall inspired clothing, we're happy to present the Parkas at the mens.dept in four great colors.

You find the parkas displayed at the mens.dept in the styles: Snow White, Pitch Black, Army Green and Midnight Blue, for just 140L$ each.

The Parka comes in two versions, next to the matching alpha layer and alpha textures included in each purchase. They differ on the inside texture. At the mens.dept, you also find demos for fitting purposes waiting for you too.

Two more colors will be also waiting for you in the 22769 ~ casual coutre Flagshipstore. So, start into fall with this great autumn inspired clothing.

October 5, 2012

LnL: New release O-73 Fantasy!

LnL Outfit O-73 is a Fantasy unisex complete outfit featuring a top (worn as a shirt) with an X effect in the front and a brooch decoration in the shape of a rosette with a blue pearl. It brings pants (mod) in the same blue tones as the top and matching gloves. The outfit is completed by a sculpted collar and a coat bottom (resizable) for the female and for the male avatars. Click --> here to go to the store!

September 28, 2012

LnL: New Victorian Outfit Released!

LnL O-82 is a classic complete unisex suit in tones of teal. The top is a white shirt and tie, a vest with a pocket watch chain detail, and a jacket (all worn as a shirt). It also brings pants matching the top part of the outfit, gloves and a coat bottom for the female and for the male avatar. This outfit is completed by a pipe and a black bowl hat. All accessories are resizable. To go to the store, click --> here!

September 23, 2012

The 49 L$ Sale for Dudes is back!

All the sales are just for the girls and men are left out again? Well - not anymore because the 49 L$ Sale for Dudes is back and it just has started. The guys from 22769 ~ casual couture prepared a preppy mesh polo shirt (male mesh standard sizing) that will be offered one week for 49 L$ in their Flagshipstore. The shirt is available in 4 different colors. And here is your cab.
The whole list of participating merchants can be found here.

September 21, 2012

New Release at LnL - Medieval look!

Outfit O-72 is an outstanding unisex outfit with a Medieval feel to it, in tones of copper, black and a discreet purple tint. The jacket (worn as a shirt) shows buckled leather straps and belt details. The pants (mod) and the coat match the jacket perfectly both in color and in texture. Finally, this outfit brings a pair of gloves, a sculpted collar and a bow with arrows (non-scripted)! All accessories are resizable for a perfect fit! Click --> here to go to the inworld store!

September 16, 2012

All New at The Gallery Gift Shop

Today the new cycle of the cutest sales event within SL starts. And again The Gallery Gift Shop brings fashion, art and neat things together, that make our second life so color- and joyful. 22769 ~ casual couture offer in this round two complete new outfits - one for the ladies and one for the gents. But something is new this time: each part of the outfit can now also become purchased individually - but of course you can get the overall outfit also and make a snip.
For the women there is the Fanny tunic and the colorful and arty Fanny skirt prepared and the men can get the complete new brown knitjumper (which comes with shirt in the package - the jumper can be worn with and without shirt, the shirt can not be worn alone) and the slim cut denims in used blue. Both outfits are in mesh standard sizing and of course outfits are available.
And even if you are not in for a shopping spree - check out the venue since it really is unbelievable cute and dedicated. Both pictures have been taken on location. Here is your Taxi to the Gallery Gift Shop.

September 8, 2012

LnL: New release, Victorian outfit and a pipe!

 LnL O-81 is an exquisite complete unisex outfit in tones of teal. The top (worn as a shirt) is a jacket on a vest, white short and tie, with a rich embroidery in the front and at the back. The striped pants (mod) are adorned by a buckled belt. This outfit also brings a pair of greyish gloves, a coat bottom for the female and for the male avatars, plus a sculpted collar and laced cuffs. All accessories are resizable for a perfect fit.
If you buy the complete outfit, the pipe comes with the outfit. But if you wish to buy the pipe separately, you can! To go to the store, click --> here!

September 7, 2012

FaMESHed with that special bohemian Hippie Flavour

The September cycle of FaMESHed is up and running and the guys from 22769 ~ casual couture have prepared a special hippie-esque look with that certain bohemian touch for the girls: The Rachel blouse (available in 6 different colors) and the superflared Rachel denims (in 3 styles). Of course the items come in female mesh standard sizing and are only available at the FaMESHed fairground.
Missing something? Of course: here is your cab.

September 6, 2012

The Mens.Dept! starts today

22769 ~ casual couture for the Mens.Dept! collection 6
Hellos everyone,
today the new collection of the Mens.Dept! is about to start.
22769 ~ casual couture offers you at the venue, the new mesh Dandy Jackets -as first on venue release- in four different styles.
Each of this mesh jackets comes with a pack of six different shirts to wear together (shirts can not worn seperatly) with the Dandy Jackets.
Sounds great, well jump over to the Mens.Dept! and try a Demo!

August 21, 2012

Holly Tunic Dress - new from 22769 ~ casual couture

new at 22769 ~ casual couture, an alltime Classic Tunic Dress
22769 has released this alltime classic tunic dress today.
This rigged mesh dress is available in five different colors to choose from.Next to the dress, you're purchase comes completed with alpha layer and alphay textures.
So what your waiting for, jump over to 22769 ~ casual couture, and grab this "first in store" release today.

Swami Rose

This is a 3rd gift - August - wear tag Saris Creation's and take it..

August 15, 2012

22769 new releases and new huntgift

Greetings everyone,

hope ya all have your huntingshoes on. 22769 ~ casual couture takes part in the Swimming Pool Blue Hunt. In this 5L$ HUnt, you can find this gift hidden in the Flagshipstore.
rigged mesh Slim Cut Pants for the Girls (5L$ Hunt) hidden at 22769 ~ casual couture

But, if you visit the Flagshipstore, you find new releases for teh Girls and the Guys also there. Here are the latest releases (out now)

22769 ~ [homme] Silk Flare Trousers (different colors available | 130L$ each)
22769 ~ [femme] Slim Cut Leather Pants (different colors available | 130L$ each)
Demos for the new releases are available at the Vendors.
Happy Wednesday everyone

July 11, 2012

July 10, 2012

Summertime in the Mens Dept.

The Mens Dept. started the 4th collection and again there is so much good mesh stuff to find for men. 22769 ~ casual couture released special for this event new chino trousers and polo shirts in 3 different colors each.
All mesh items come in Male Standard Sizing and of course there are demos available to check if the clothing suits you in its shape, texturing and behaviour. So wait no longer - check back at the Mens Dept. !

June 21, 2012

Dreamy in Pastel

The guys from 22769 ~ casual couture just released this wonderful dreamy and summerish Kate Dress in 4 pastel colors. The dress is mesh in female standard sizing and has a cute flowerish but yet subtile pattern. The alpha textures are in the pack included for those who can not add alpha layer. And of course there are demo versions available.
The Kate Dress comes in turquoise, rosee, violet and lime (from left to right) and it is just 160 L$ per dress. The mesh summer goodness can be found here.

June 9, 2012

The Summer Fashion Festival

The ArisAris Sim is hosting a Summer Fashion Fair at the moment called The Summer Fashion Festival - and you can expect so much goodness at this one. Not only that you can find new releases and exclusives from many designers, but there are even gifts and a fashion runway show. So lots of reasons to check this event out.
One more reason is the "Cathrine Dress" from 22769 ~ casual couture. It comes in 6 different summerish colors and is an easy to wear mesh set in female standard sizing. The textures and colors are subtile and the big flower on the tube dress and on the bolero is definitely a summerish eye-catcher.
The Summer Fashion Festival just opened and runs til June, 24th - so better make some room in your schedule. Grab your cab here.

June 7, 2012

Mesh for Men in the Mens Department

The new round of the Mens Dept. has yet started and there is a lot of mesh stuff for guys to be found. Since the mesh standard sizing for men has become published more and more creators dare to offer neat clothing for men also.
Above shown is a combination from 22769 ~ casual couture. The open shirt and tee comes in three different color options and the rigged postman shorts come also in three colors to choose from. Of course the items are handtextured, careful weightpainted and standard sized.
Cab to the Mens Dept. here - open now!

June 3, 2012

ORQUIDEA Free Mandarin Shirt for the Silk Road Hunt

ORQUIDEA has a unisex Mandarin style shirt out for free as a gift in the Silk Road Hunt. 

The clue is: Spiders like this type of spot.

May 8, 2012

Mesh Goodness for the Guys

The new Mens Dept. just has started and boy - there are many brilliant mesh items for the guys to find in there. The low waist jeans and also the displayed longsleeve retro tees come from 22769 ~ casual couture and are a first release at the Mens Dept. The "Schanzen Denims" come in 4 different sizes and also with optional boxershorts texture clothing and the longsleeves come in 3 different sizes - all of course with the matching alpha layers.
Need some more reasons to teleport straight to the Mens Dept.? Well i can give you 23 good reasons: KMADD, Sheep Door, 22769 ~ casual couture, Pivaaca, Villena, Abiss, Exposeur, Pekka, CheerNo, Deco, Bastard, FRUK, Pumpkin, Insufferable Dastard, Post, Havok, Teefy, Epoque, Vestigium, PDA, Balaclava!, Beldur and Lazybum. So what are you waiting for - grab your piggy bank and jump to The Mens Dept.

May 4, 2012

22769 @ Culture Shock

Today CULTURE SHOCK starts at 4pm SLT and runs til May 26th. It definitely is THE event to be for this month since so many fabulous designer show new releases there first. Above picture is a new release from 22769 ~ casual couture - a mesh turban called "The Badu" in 4 different colors. But 22769 not only have this item as a new release - look at the goodness you can find in their booth:
Lots of new stuff - mostly mesh - to find there in appealing cultural patterns and colors. Of course the rigged mesh items come in standard sizes.
Each vendor provides at least one donation item for Medicins Sans Fronieres (Doctors without borders). The donation item from 22769 is this cute tube dress 60ies style:
So lots of reasons to make some room in you schedule and have a visit at CULTURE SHOCK. Here is your cab.

April 21, 2012

Edgy Elegant

New release for the Ladies at 22769 ~ casual couture. This edgy but jet elegant Frilled Dress with skirt prims and the black roses top. Guarantees the big appearence at every occasion. The prim parts come - of course - with a resizer and give the frilled skirt a natural movement.
The Frilled Dress is available in three different colors.

April 15, 2012

22769 new Groupgift

Happy Sunday everyone!
Are you already a member of 22769 ANB? No, then it is about time ... the new groupgift for April is out. This month it's contain a complete Outfit for him and her. Both Outfits contains the bleeded denims and a spring shirt for free.
The Groupgift is available at the Groupgiftgiver near the Landingpoint at the 22769 ~ casual couture Flagshipstore.
Have a great start in spring everyone.

April 14, 2012

ORQUIDEA Hollywood Glittered Gowns

ORQUIDEA has a new release straight out of old Hollywood. This glamorous glittered gown is available in White, Black, Red, Blue, and Gold. Includes gloves and flower hairpiece.'s 20% off if group members wear their group tag, but only as long as it's considered a new release.