April 9, 2011

New Release @ LnL - O-55!!

Yep, LnL continues to release new outfits in the Main Catalog!! With a high quality Steampunk texture, this unisex outfit includes a beautiful top, pants (mod to fit any shoewear), a flexi coat bottom, a collar and gloves. It also brings a pair of shoes, a very elegant pocket watch, a steampunk gun and the coolest steam hat! All accessories are resizable! Drop by LnL to check it out! Click ----> here!

Not your average harem girl

22769 ~ casual couture released yet their new femme-spring collection. As part of it this cute harem pants outfit can be found. It contains the shirt in dreamy watercoloured flower patterns and puffy sleeves and ribbons.
The velvet harem pants have a subtile pattern and come with sculpted legs and even buttons on the lower leg.
It is a way cute outfit for some shopping, hanging out with friends or waiting at the harbour for a cute yacht captain to arrive ;-)

Outfit: Flora dress with harem pants (210 L$)
Available inworld and on the marketplace.

Makeup by [a.e.meth]: Mix and Match Huntprice

Shape by CS Shapes: Mix and Match Huntprice

April 8, 2011

New Release: Tonka Boots from Juice

Tonka Boots - new from Juice: A great looking pair of chunky boots with lots of detail and shadowing. The Boots are unisex and will fit all avatar sizes. v2 Foot Alpha Layer to stop your system feet poking though. Resizer for easy fitting. Dual perms - buy either copy or transfer (great for gifts!).

Juice store in-world >> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jet%20Lag/97/119/22

LnL: Gothic Outfit G3-O101!!!

LnL Outfit G3-O101 is a gorgeous unisex outfit in a light tone of blue. It presents an extremely rich lace in the front, matching a pattern of buckles both on the top and on the pants, which are mod to fit any type of shoewear. The collar and laced cuffs bring together a look of joviality, only completed by the coat bottom for the male avatar and the gown skirt, open in the front, for the female avatar. All accessories are resizable to fit perfectly. To visit us click --> here (entrance to the Gothic Store by the winged guardian)!

April 7, 2011

SS Taya

LnL: Discussion today - "Everything And The Kitchen Sink!"

Today a discussion that promises to be fun!! Thursday, 7 April at 2pm prompt, we'll be having another discussion in LnL's Lounge. This week: "Everything And The Kitchen Sink!" - In Second Life we have different abilities and needs to the ones we have in Real life. For instance, here in SL avatars do not need to eat, yet still we buy houses with kitchens in them, and we buy prim food and drink. Buildings have roofs when it never rains. We have vehicles when we can teleport. We have stairs when it's easier to just fly up through a hole in the ceiling. Why, in a virtual world where everything is possible, do we find such an intense need to mimic real life? Or do we? We'll be discussing these questions and more. Join us! == Lewis Luminos (moderator) Click the link ---> here!

April 5, 2011

LnL: Gothic Outfit G2-O100!

LnL Outfit G2-O100 is utterly refined. The detailed background texture enhances the look of the buttoned lines in the front, the back and on the sleeves, bringing out the red scarf, the brooch and the collar. The gloves are made of a beautiful velvety red and fit the white laced cuffs perfectly. The pants are mod to fit all shoewear. This outfit also brings a coat bottom for the male avatar and a gown skirt, opne in the front, for the female avatar. To complete the look of this outfit, a katana has been added. All accessories are resizable to fit your shape. To visit us click --> here (entrance to the Gothic Store by the winged guardian)!

April 4, 2011

LnL: NEW Gothic Collection!!

LnL is delighted to present its Gothic Collection now available at the Gothic Store (entrance by the winged guardian). Outfit G1-O99 is the first Gothic outfittreleased by LnL Square. This is an extremely elegant unisex outfit with fine details. The top is enriched by a front lace in white and a brooch and a collar; at the back it shows a detail with buttons that brings a special touch. The pants are modifiable so they can be adjusted to any type of shoewear. The gloves show a criss-cross detail and go perfectly with the laced cuffs. To finish the look, there is a coat bottom for the male avatar and a gown skirt, open in the front, for the ladies. All accessories are resizable to fit your avatar. To visit us click --> here.

New WTN Hunt: The SKATE'N SURF HUNT - Applications now open

What's The News presents:
14.May - 14.June

Accepting Applications til 1st May 2011

Yes - we are doing another one. This time we go with a sporty theme - but also you can let your fantasy flow. From a vintage bikini to a Life Guard Tower. From the creature of the black lagoon to skate animations. A punky skater tattoo or a beach shag. Surferhair, Skatershapes, flip flops, skater-sneakers...etc.

PLEASE: Try to make unisex gifts or a gift for each gender. This is mainly a sports hunt - and obviously many male avatars will do a sports hunt.

We will set up a subscriber soon. This time you MUST register in the subscriber since we send out all information and the huntitems with subscriber.

No business in a box or resellers. The item MUST be your own creation!

Please write a notecard and name it:

SSH - (your store) - (your name)


Avatar Name:

Alt. Avatar Name/Co-Owner:

Name of Shop:



Landrating (PG/Mature/Adult):

Type of store (what do you sell):

Item you are planning to create:

Return the notecard to either Manuel Ormidale or Paco Pooley inworld.

Looking forward to a great hunt with you ^^