April 4, 2011

LnL: NEW Gothic Collection!!

LnL is delighted to present its Gothic Collection now available at the Gothic Store (entrance by the winged guardian). Outfit G1-O99 is the first Gothic outfittreleased by LnL Square. This is an extremely elegant unisex outfit with fine details. The top is enriched by a front lace in white and a brooch and a collar; at the back it shows a detail with buttons that brings a special touch. The pants are modifiable so they can be adjusted to any type of shoewear. The gloves show a criss-cross detail and go perfectly with the laced cuffs. To finish the look, there is a coat bottom for the male avatar and a gown skirt, open in the front, for the ladies. All accessories are resizable to fit your avatar. To visit us click --> here.