April 7, 2011

LnL: Discussion today - "Everything And The Kitchen Sink!"

Today a discussion that promises to be fun!! Thursday, 7 April at 2pm prompt, we'll be having another discussion in LnL's Lounge. This week: "Everything And The Kitchen Sink!" - In Second Life we have different abilities and needs to the ones we have in Real life. For instance, here in SL avatars do not need to eat, yet still we buy houses with kitchens in them, and we buy prim food and drink. Buildings have roofs when it never rains. We have vehicles when we can teleport. We have stairs when it's easier to just fly up through a hole in the ceiling. Why, in a virtual world where everything is possible, do we find such an intense need to mimic real life? Or do we? We'll be discussing these questions and more. Join us! == Lewis Luminos (moderator) Click the link ---> here!