January 5, 2011

Special Report ... more Gifts you'll find on the What's The News Hunt

Greetings Hunters,

today it's time to show you more nice gifties you can find in the rolled newspaper. So this special Report is all about a few clothing items hidden in the hunt.

Attention Ladies and Gentlemens, have not idea what to do with an old newspaper? Moulizz^^ has used yesterdays editon to create this two great Outfits for you.
Moulizz^^ Gifts for him and her for What's The News Hunt

Next, I'll show you the "Baracuda Gazette" found at Baracuda Clothing. This complete Outfit comes to you Unisex, so guys, it is something for you as well. (all the Prim Parts in this Outfit comes with Resizers)
Baracuda Clothing exclusive for What's The News Hunt

Guys, cut your hair, change your jeans to a cotton trouser and become a business man with this outfit from Subversion Menswear in seconds. Believe me, Girls like ties as well :)
Subversion Menswear for What's The News Hunt
 That's all for now folks ... hope to see ya on the hunt ... oh, did anyone see the UFO over there :)