April 11, 2011

LnL New Group Gift - The Raven!

LnL's Group has grown and it's time, after all the latest releases and amazing feedback from everyone, to say thank you to all! This is LnL's gift to you!! A fantastic Tshirt with a raven motiv in dark red with an amazing texture quite characteristic of the quality work we always present to you. The gift also includes matching pants (mod) and a bow tail skirt with a dark red silk texture for girls (resiz). Also an awesome red hat decorated by a swirling snake in two versions, one with a flexi decoration at the back, another without (resiz), plus an intriguingly romantic skull hand holding a black rose (resiz), plus a sculpted black raven shoulder pet that caws when touched!!! Isn't this great? A notice will be sent through the group! Click here to go to the ---> store!!! :)