September 17, 2011

Pride - one of the "7 Deadly Sins"

No, this isn't about a new series of something that I'm making, then calling it the "Seven Deadly Sins" series. That sounds like a good idea on paper, but when you look around a bit, you see that everyone's done it.

On Second Life, I've seen series of women's clothes named after the sins, men's tattoos... in RL I've seen ice cream named after the sins, and even a series of gay porn movies. Damn good movies too.

White Grand piano But no, this isn't about my products. Not directly anyway. The pride I'm talking about, well... it's my own. Yes, boys and girls, I am a sinner. But we all know, sinners are winners, right? I made this grand piano this week. That was the first moment where I felt pride. I know, I'm supposed to be humble and all that humbug, but I worked really hard on this piano, and gosh darnit (spoken like a true sinner, eh?) I'm proud of it!

 It's low prim, meaning that the piano itself is 9 prims, and the piano bench 4 prims. It's pretty, meaning, well, look for yourself. Sit on the bench and you look like you're really playing the piano. Yeah, the animation is pretty cool and will have you feeling like a professional pianist in no time.

 The best part of this? Click the piano itself and you get a menu. You can actually play four different songs on this piano, meaning... well just imagine the possibilities!

 Oh yeah, one more thing I was kinda proud about this week. I was chosen to be a spotlight designer in the LOW group. Pretty awesome, if you ask me - and if it brings me more sales or not, no matter. My ego loves being a spotlight designer!

 Other than that, 2 new hunts have begun, which means that I have 4 items for sale in my store for either $0L or $1L, each item cooler than the next!

 So come check it out, at RT Designs. You bring your wallet, I'll keep the iced tea all cold for you!