September 18, 2011

The art of shopping - Gallery Gift Shop [Cycle 3]

The Gallery Gift Shop combines art and shopping in the best way. It is not just another ongoing fair, but the venue itself is a piece of art and is also altering with every new exhibition. But - you can also shop there for wonderful items that are either limited or first releases for a discounted price.
22769 ~ casual couture again went this time with a corresponding mens and womens outfit. Topic this time is "earth" and both outfits are completely meshed! Women can get this wonderful elegant longskirt dress and the mens offer is a black turtleneck with some rolled up cotton pants.
Since both items are meshed of course there is a demo you can get first to see if the outfits fit your avatar and if you like the overall shape of them.
Your taxi to the Gallery Gift Shop is here.