January 15, 2011

22769 groupgift - A ying, a yang and a sprinkle of camouflage

Greetings fashionable people out there,
today it's the 15th January - and like on every 15th of the month 22769 ~ casual couture releases a new groupgift - wahey! This months unisex outfit contains a yingyang shirt and some camouflaged denims with sculpted cuffs. Just the right outfit to go clubbing or hanging around with friends. Also - for mixing and matching purposes - the tee comes (of course) in all layers.

Our groupmembers will receive the monthly groupgift via notification (if you have not received it yet check stored messages in group). And if you know someone who likes the outfit also - they can join the group at any time and slap the groupgift button at the entrance with activated 22769 ANB-tag to receive the gift.
Here is your cab. :-)