January 9, 2011

Get your News in Vintage style

Today I felt like a real newsboy!
I have worked the whole day in the corners of the streets in this fantastic vintage like Newsstand created by Daallinii's Creations. And ya know what ... in the latest issue of "Notecard" I read all the fantastic news from all around the grid. Sadly all "Notecards" are sold out by now. But a lot of great magazines and newspapers you can get from my nice colleque working on that great crafted and in every 'lil Detail designed Newsstand.
That you can identify the Newsstand if you come closer, here is a lil hint for you all:
"A newspaper in a Medieval enviroment? ...How odd!"

Vintage Like Newsstand for What's The News Hunt, comes to you from Daallinii's Creations