January 14, 2011

Back to the ...

Fiftys :)
Greetings everyone,
today I want to take you on a timetravel, back to the fifties. And with two huntitems you'll be part of this great area in time.
Huntitem (women) from Orquidea for What's The News Hunt
First I want to show you the female huntgift from Orquidea. (and guys, don't you think this great Pin Up Image is worth all the searching). I've get some informations that Orquidea has also hidden a male gift. (But as mentioned before: This great Pin Up is gift enough ^^)

But, lets bring some fiftys flair into your house with this great furniture set from FIN for What's The News. Needless to say, that I can't find best words to describe as the creator did in his blogpost here. So I'll just show you the image
Huntgift from FIN for What's The News Hunt
That was our lil trip back to fifties. Hope you enjoyed it and see you on the hunt.