September 9, 2011

Tongue and teeth and... furniture!

Yeah, I was kinda trying to work with RT Designs' latest catchphrase, "Making your Second Life as elegant as you deserve it to be". This week, well... it didn't really happen as planned.

Click the following images for a larger version

You see, I made these... not so elegant chairs. In my opinion, they're some of the most awesome things I've ever made.

They've got the funky colours, the alternative theme (well, I'm assuming that sitting on a big tongue is a bit alternative, at least for some people - but... I really shouldn't keep talking about it because my mind is already going places it shouldn't), and it makes people happy to see something like this.

Yes, it is  lots of fun. Each of these chairs are made up of only seven prims, they have poses for both men and women, and yes, they have been tested for both rabies and gingivitis, and most important of all...

They have been potty trained.

Each of these can be yours for only $149L in-world or in the Marketplace - and if you hurry, this weekend the striped chair is on sale for only $70L!

  Also new this week is this beautiful gazebo.

19 prims, awesome premium texturing, 2 stools and plenty of room to put any plants in the plant boxes on the sides. Beauty, class, and fun!

 This gazebo is also available both in the Marketplace and in-world for only $149L.

 So come down now to RT Designs. Check out these new items, hunt for the gifts available for the Just for Fun hunt and the Creative Angels hunt (they're worth looking for - I promise!), and make sure you bring a BIG shopping bag. I'll keep the hot cocoa warm for you!